Minutes for PPAA Committee Meeting held on 9th May 2023 at 19:00 by Zoom

Present:  Richard Masterman (Chair), Sue Jones, Dan Philips, Wendy Gunter (Treasurer), Robert Loxton, Martin Pasek

Apologies: None

Previous Minutes:

Meeting date 4th April 2023: Approved. 

Items arising not covered by the agenda:

  • The main trolley now has four puncture proof tyres and new side panels and is fully operational again despite its longevity and a rusty frame.

Other matters arising from the Committee meeting to be addressed as the agenda.

Chair Report

It is with sadness that the Committee noted the passing of “Welsh John,” a popular allotmenteer who had been very supportive of committee members, particularly Sue and Richard.

Site Representative 

  • Council

The next CAHA site representatives meeting is 17th May 2023. Richard to attend. There are several points which will be raised regarding plot inspections, plot termination notices, tenants appealing directly through local Councillors with PPAA Committee not given any opportunity to make a representation. (Post meeting note: Site Reps subsequently postponed to 31st May)

  • PPA

The Local Management Agreement with Cardiff Council which the committee are obliged to sign is due for renewal. Currently PPAA are signed up to Level 2 of the agreement. The Committee agreed to renew at Level 2 for a period of 3 years. Sue/Richard to inform Celia and request a copy of the agreement for final review before signing.

Treasurer’s report

Wendy reported that 2022-2023 accounts are now with the auditor but because of commitments they would not be signed off until end-May. Wendy advised that the Allotment Officer had confirmed that this would be acceptable.

Wendy suggested she would introduce an additional mid-season mini audit to simplify the end of year main audit.

Wendy advised that she would re-send a copy of PPAA insurance certificate to the Council where an earlier copy appears to have been mis-placed.

PPAA Subscriptions

It was noted that some plot holders do not pay the £5.00 subscription which is necessary be full member of the PPAA and access manure, woodchip, the allotment shop, plant sales, enter the polytunnel draw and (importantly) pay for PPAA insurance for the site, but that it is currently difficult to monitor late/non-payment. Dan agreed to look into how this could be done with Wendy.

Termination Notice Requests

All further actions are now with the Council. No feedback or update have been received.

Plot Re-inspections.

Plot inspections would continue through the growing season. Plot holders are reminded that each tenant’s agreement requires cultivation and not just suppression of weeds by large areas of ground cover.

Plot Vacancy/Letting and Structure Application

Sue advised that, since the last meeting, there are currently 2 vacant plots and there have been 4 approved applications to install a structure on a plot.

Sue advised that an updated waiting list was awaited from the Council which is needed before the two vacant plots can be offered for occupation. The waiting list is currently closed to new applications.

Wildlife Habitat

Richard advised that he is producing a draft winter work programme for habitat management. Nothing other the minimum necessary trimming to maintain vehicular access is expected during the current nesting season March to September. Plot holders are reminded that they should respect wildlife habitats.

Stone Wall Repair

Due to work and holiday commitments, work is expected to take place over two days in June. 


Attendance at AGMs is generally not great and plot holders are encouraged to attend as this is a good opportunity to raise suggestions for Committee consideration.

Notifications will be published shortly for the 2023 AGM to take place 11:00 Sunday 21st May at the poly tunnel.

Plant Sale

Dan advised that seed plantings in the poly tunnel were underway with the plant sale scheduled for 4th June 2023 and subsequent sales on a rolling basis subject to availability.

Any Other Business

Nothing further to report

Date of next meeting

AGM: 11:00 Sunday 21st May 2023 at the poly tunnel

Committee: 19:00 Monday 5th June 2023 at the poly tunnel

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