The Riverside Community Garden Project

Riverside Community Gardens are paying tenants – like all of us plot holders – of PPA plots 148, 150, and 152, shown red on the site plan. That is, of part of the land subject to the legally-binding Local Management Agreement between the Council and PPAA. They’re therefore subject – except for one specific Council Dispensation – to exactly the same terms, conditions, and rules of tenancy as the rest of us plot holders, so they’re part of the “us”.

The Project is a volunteer-led scheme, supported by local registered charity Grow Cardiff.

They’re a significant, prominent, and welcome presence on the site, with their three plots occupying some twenty-seven perches, and their quite numerous enthusiasts, volunteers and visitors keeping that part of the site busy. For this reason we think that it’s right that their logo should feature on this site’s Front Page.

In addition they also occupy – on an informal, permissive basis, with the assent of both the Council and PPAA Committee – a disused shady plot in the corner, and part of the car park for their office, shelter, storage etc.

The Project’s aims and activities are described on their very active FaceBook pages, and readers interested in participation, visits etc. are therefore referred to that site, which is also the place for related chat. We are aware that some readers may have ethical concerns about FaceBook, but as it stands there is no other site.

Below is a collection of slides reproduced – with acknowledgements – from those FaceBook pages.

PPA Website Team