Workers Needed!

Date: Saturday 24th June
Time:  11:00 am
Location: By the shop

Calling on volunteers to spare some time to move the unwanted manure from the wood chip bay into the manure bay.

Work party being organised by Debbie Westlake from plot 16A, please support her in her sterling efforts to sort this problem for her fellow allotmenteers. Once this is done the committee can organise for a delivery of wood chip, we apologise, on behalf of the council, for their carelessness in delivering the manure to the wrong bay and causing this inconvenience.

Sue Jones
Site Secretary

Rats on PPAA

If you see rats, and suspect a nest or infestation, then please contact the Council’s Allotment Officer, Celia Hart.

She will arrange for a Pest Controller to visit the site. There is no charge for this.

Celia Hart (Swyddog Rhandiroedd, Parciau a Chwaraeon /Allotments Officer, Parks and Sport)

Ffôn (029) 2233 0235 / Telephone (029) 2233 0235

E-bost / Email

Awdurdod Harbwr Caerdydd, Tŷ’r Frenhines Alexandra, Ffordd Cargo, Bae Cardydd, CAERDYDD, CF10 4LY / Cardiff Harbour Authority, Queen Alexandra House, Cargo Road, Cardiff Bay, CARDIFF, CF10 4LY

The best way to avoid rats on our site is to ensure that NO cooked, processed or harvested foods are left out for them, and that bird feeders etc. are inaccessible to them.

A tidy plot also provides few suitable nesting places for them. So please keep yours free of junk.

Kind regards,

Sue Jones

Site Secretary)

Minutes of Pontcanna Permanent Allotment Association – 6 June 2017

Present: Tim Llewellyn, Sue Jones, Wendy Gunter, Ray Edwards, Gary Reed, Martin Pasek. Apologies: Ian Douglas, Dan Phillips, Alex Brown.

Minutes of May meeting/AGM and matters arising – Tim

Secretary’s Duties. Sue reminded the Committee to keep her informed as to untended plots. AP all.

Website. Alex has renamed the Blog tab as “Noticeboard”. NFAR.

Plot numbering. Mostly complete. NFAR.

Storage unit. Tim to approach Dave King re progress on eco-friendly roof. AP Tim.

Hedge Planting/Cutting. Ian Douglas is to organise whip planting. Tim is to speak to Dave King re his associate and a midsummer hedge trim as last year. AP Tim.

Plot behind polytunnel. Working party and scope to be determined with a view to an Autumn start. AP all.

Plant sale. After the success of the main event, the follow-up was perhaps a little disappointing. NFAR.

Treasurer’s hand-over. Wendy requested that previous records be easily accessible, and asked for precision as to her responsibilities. Tim to speak to Dave King. AP Tim.

AGM. All agreed that it had been a straightforward, successful and informative meeting. NFAR.

Diseased sycamores by SE gate and by polytunnel. Nothing to report. Ian has had no reply from Iona Gordon.

Fly-tipping. Plot holders are reminded that it is their duty to compost on their plots, or to remove completely from site any unwanted material, and that dumping around the site puts at risk their tenancy. AP all.

Gate security. Appears to be improving, with fewer incidents of the Western Avenue gate being left open unattended. NFAR.

Theft from plots. No further incidents reported. NFAR.

AGM. As previously minuted. NFAR.

How to deal with overgrown plots due to long term illness – Sue. It was agreed that this is a difficult and delicate area, and that thought is needed to resolve an effective yet sensitive policy. AP all.

Comment from plot holder re Committee and Constitution- Sue. Martin pointed out that as the Constitution stood, there was an apparent difficulty, and requested that he be redesignated as Committee Support Volunteer. This was resolved. It was noted that no material effect would follow, since according to general committee convention, those in a close association only have one vote between them anyway. It was agreed that no previous votes would have been affected by the change, had it been in force at the time. The possibility of changing the Constitution to enable better use of available volunteer effort and abilities was raised for future consideration. Alex to change website Committee information. AP Martin, Alex.

Auditing of accounts prior to AGM. Normally, a Fit And Proper Person, meaning a plot holder who is not a Committee member, would audit them prior to the AGM, that is declare that he or she is satisfied with them. After the AGM they would be passed to the Council. This year, the accounts were published on the PPAA website. There were no complaints and they have now been accepted as correct by the Council. It was resolved that next year’s accounts will be subject to the formal procedure. NFAR

Water trough damage. Some plot holders appear to have attempted adjustments in the past causing damage and overflow. The Committee should remind all that the water bill is a main cost, and to report leaks and malfunctions. Where possible troughs will be made more tamper proof. AP all.

LMA Grant Year 2017/18. It was resolved that PPAA would sign for LMA Level 2 for three years, with Sue and Tim as Parties, and with Wendy as Witness. AP Tim, Sue, Wendy.


Path maintenance – Wendy. The Committee should remind plot holders, that under their terms of tenancy, the maintaining and the keeping clear of paths between their plots is a shared duty for them. All plot holders anywhere have a right to use those paths unhindered. AP all.

Trees forming hedges, encroaching onto tracks – Gary. The Committee should remind plot holders, that under their terms of tenancy, hedges may not be planted, and that nothing of any sort should encroach onto the tracks either. AP all.

Rats – Ray. Anyone aware of rats should report the matter directly to the Council allotments officer, Celia Hart, who will refer to pest control. (As detailed in the notice at the Western Avenue board). Repeat notice at SE gate. AP Martin.

There was no further business, and the meeting concluded at 2030. The next meeting will be at the Butcher’s Arms Canton, on 04/07/2017 at 1900.