The Committee

PPAA Committee

The members of the Committee are as follows;

  • Site Secretary – Philip Reardon
  • Treasurer – Wendy Gunter
  • Chair –Richard Masterman
  • Committee Members – Ian Douglas, Sue Jones, Jenny Howell, Jamila Mohammed
  • Committee Support Volunteers – Martin Pasek

The committee aim to meet once a month. Minutes will be emailed out to all Plotholders on our distribution list; displayed on the two site notice boards by the gates and also published on this website.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch if you have any concerns you wish to raise at the next Committee Meeting.

Site Communication

Information about Committee decisions and proposals, forthcoming events and future plans etc will be displayed on the two site noticeboards and also on this website.

Facebook Page

There is a PPA Facebook page (Pontcanna Permanent Allotments). This page is for informal discussion amongst plotholders.

Please note, this group is not connected to the Committee. If you want an issue to be considered by the Committee, please contact us and we will put it on the agenda.

Association Constitution

Level 2 Local Management Agreement