Annual Subscriptions

Each year plot holders are asked to pay a subscription fee, currently £5 per plot per year for full PPAA membership. They fall due at the start of the year and PPAA post a reminder in January or February. The question of any arrears surcharge doesn’t arise for late payment, however!

Our ‘subs’ currently enable the PPAA Committee to:-

1 – Fund any minor repairs not covered by the Local Management Agreement

2 – Pay for Public Liability insurance

3 – Cover purchase / hire of equipment needed for the general running of the site

4 – Subsidise any group activities / demonstrations organised for the plot holders.

PPAA Committee hope that everyone will agree, that £5 goes a very long way and represents good value for money!

Direct Debit is the easiest way to pay, and the Committee’s preferred option.

PPAA Bank Details (Could everyone please quote their plot number in the reference – thanks)

Account Number:   02568231
Sort Code :                30-98-94