Site Security

Understandable exasperation and anger has been expressed repeatedly to Committee members, by plot holders who have been subject to theft or to other ill-doing, quite possibly by intruders onto the site. Unfortunately this seems to be an on-going problem.

We and our predecessors have, over time, taken steps to close breaches in the boundary, and to strengthen weak points with barbed wire etc.

We also greatly appreciate the recent enhanced co-operation by the Community Gardens, in keeping the gates locked, and in escorting their visitors to and from it.

To further this culture of security awareness, we would encourage like-mindedness on everyone’s part.

On Sunday and Wednesday mornings, the shop operators like to keep open the adjacent gate, for customers from other nearby allotments. Since this gate is supervised by them, we trust that security is not unduly affected by this. However, we ask for their understanding, and for that of their customers, in not leaving the other gate at Western Avenue open unattended. That might mean a little more liaison with delivery drivers, etc., but we consider that the benefits for the many are worth this little extra effort by the few.

The next step will be to try to get the co-operation of the manure delivery drivers, to lock the gates between deliveries on that day. Our wood-chip supplier is already cooperating fully in this respect.

Minutes of Pontcanna Permanent Allotments Association – 11 April 2017

Present: Tim Llewellyn; Dave King; Ray Edwards; Sue Jones; Martin Pasek; Gary Reed. Apologies: Ian Douglas; Alex Brown; Dan Phillips.

Secretary’s duties. In future if the committee can inform Sue if plots in their vicinity are not being worked she will do the necessary follow up. 30 reminders were sent to plot holders last month, and 8 new plots were let. The waiting list is now below 60. This item will remain as a standing agenda item until further notice (AP Sue/all).

Website. Our new website is now live, All plot holders are invited to access the site and let the committee know if there are any modifications or additions which would improve it.

Plot numbering. Gary has prepared the plot numbers for Dan’s area and Sue will display them. (AP Sue).

Storage. The container is now operational and the spare water butts are now housed there, making the poly tunnel more accessible. Jane Williams has suggested we consider making the container more environmentally friendly. Dave will find out if an eco roof would be a solution. (AP Dave).

Hedge. We are looking to fill gaps in the hedge and Ian will obtain whips to take this task forward. A working party can then be organised to plant them. (AP Ian).

Area behind polytunnel. We are looking into clearing the debris behind the poly tunnel. Sue recommended the waste contractor she used for recent clearance work, which worked out cheaper and more effective than hiring a skip. Dave will contact them for a quote. (AP Dave).

Asbestos/ brick sheds. Sue has joined the council-led brick shed project; next meeting set for May. (AP Sue).

Woodchip. Plot holders need to be aware that new woodchip will not be delivered at the shop end until the contents of the bay have been used.

Spare soil. There is a quantity of good quality top soil near the communal compost heap adjacent to plot 48, which can be taken by plot holders for their use.

Thank You. The committee would like to say a big thank you to Dave for his excellent work as treasurer, and committee member. He hopes to continue helping wherever he can.

Plant Sale. Ian has started off the planting for the spring sale, which is set for Saturday 13 May, with a 10am start. Volunteers will be needed to help set up the trestle tables, so if anyone is willing to help please let the committee know.

The committee would like to encourage greater involvement from plot holders in the running of the site. Not necessarily sitting on the committee but contributing to useful site projects such as rubbish clearance, filling pot holes, etc. Can those interested please contact your nearest committee member.

AGM. The date for the AGM is Sunday 14 May 2017.

Date of next meeting – Tuesday 9 May, Butchers Arms, Canton.

Old Committee Hut and Track Cleared

Some of the committee, plus one very welcome volunteer (Chas from Plot 85), have cleared the track by the old Committee hut.

The track had become heavily silted from a drain overflow and the passage vehicles through the winter months had churned it up further. The track has now been scrapped back to the hardcore base.


The old committee hut was also cleared of fly tipping, the next stage will be to make it water tight.


Having cleared all the fly tipping out the old Committee hut, it was saddening to see fresh rubbish fly tipped in their less than 24 hours later! Please dispose of your own rubbish as this costs the Committee money to dispose of, meaning less money to use on more meaningful projects to improve the site for all.


PPAA Treasurer Vacancy

We have a vacancy for Treasurer so are asking for a volunteer from allotment holders who have the necessary skills and willingness to give a couple of hours of their time each month. It is important that we fill the three office holder positions to help with the effective running of the site association.

The accounts are in exemplary order so the handover will be straightforward.

If you are interested please let one of the committee members know.

Tim Llewellyn

PPAA Chair