Action begins on dead tree(s); Wood chip deliveries; Request from Committee volunteers

Dead Tree

Update: the dead tree has now been felled, with a resounding, earth-shaking thud as it hit the ground. It disintegrated on impact, showing just how badly rotten it had become. There’s a video on the PPA Facebook page.

Council arboricultural workers arrived this morning to inspect both dead trees for wildlife, followed by heavier plant to deal with the removal of at least the dangerous one. They informed a volunteer that “it’s coming down”.

PPAA thank and commend the Council for their prompt attention to this problem.

Council staff arrive to inspect the first tree…
…followed by heavier plant…
…they begin inspection of the second tree…
…work well under way…
…and it’s down!

Wood chip deliveries

There’s been a substantial delivery to the pen near the shop, by the southeast gate. No doubt there’ll be more from the above work, and so we expect the Western Avenue gate pen also to be filled shortly.

It looks like good stuff too

A request from Committee volunteers

As mentioned earlier on these pages, there’ll be further work by volunteers on all the site water troughs to insulate the exposed pipework, and also for a short distance below ground level.

So – once again – please would all plot holders kindly ensure that the volunteers aren’t hindered in this work by any of their materials or property – as in the example shown below.

Kind thanks all,

Site Volunteers.

Dangerous dead tree

The very large dead sycamore just outside the southeastern boundary of PPA has been reported to the Council previously, as self-evidently it was only a matter of time before either the whole tree fell over, or parts of it fell off, as it inevitably and quite quickly rots.

The Council – as we understand it – said that the tree was safe and of benefit to wildlife, and so proposed no action.

A few days ago however, quite a large bough broke off. It smashed a glass frame leaning against the security fencing on a nearby plot, and startled those working on another a few metres away. Fortunately no one was hurt, but as this happened in relatively calm weather, it shows the unpredictability of this sort of event.

A member of PPAA Committee has again emailed the Council and sent the pictures below. We await their response, but everyone can now at least be aware that the Council have been messaged over this hazard again.

Personally, if I were the Officer responsible then I would very much not want to be a hostage to fortune under these circumstances.

The whole tree
The rotted-through point from which the branch broke
Seen from inside PPA. We assume that some parts were put back over the fence.

PPA Website Team

Minutes for PPAA Committee Meeting held on 4th April 2023 at 19:00 by Zoom; Raised bed frames to give away


Present: Richard Masterman (Chair), Sue Jones, Dan Philips, Wendy Gunter (Treasurer)

Apologies: None

It is with great sadness that the Committee noted the unexpected passing of committee member Alan Coombs. He was universally popular and his contribution to committee and the well-being of the allotment was exemplary. The Committee have passed on their condolences to Alan’s family.

Previous Minutes:

Meeting date 13th March 20023: Approved.

Items arising not covered by the agenda:

• The main trolley has been fitted with new side panels and two new solid tyres. The remaining pneumatic tyres will be replaced shortly.

• The water troughs had been inspected and various repair works to float valves, stop cocks and above ground pipework have been carried out by a volunteer for which the committee offer their thanks.

Other matters arising from the Committee meeting to be addressed as the agenda.

Chair Report

Committee meetings have for a while taken place via a family member’s Zoom account at no cost. Richard reported that aPPAA Zoom Pro account which would allow uninterrupted meetings longer than 40 minutes would cost ≈£120.00/annum. This was considered un-necessary and face-to-face meetings could resume. Other electronic platforms would also be investigated.

Site Representative


Several emails had been received concerning a plot holder at a different site who wanted to move but had been advised that nothing was available at PPA which suited his requirement for a very large plot.


Covered by agenda items.

Treasurer’s report

Wendy reported that 2022-2023 accounts were nearly complete and would be submitted for audit verification shortly, hopefully to be approved by end-April 2023.

Website and Email Management

There was general discussion around the issue of information to plot holders via the various platforms currently in use.

• All official business will be posted on our website at:

The website will also contain other useful documents and notices.

• If a plot holder wants to contact the Committee, they should send an e-mail and a committee member will respond.

• It was noted that the Facebook account is not the official method to communicate or disseminate information as many plot holders do not engage with FB. Further discussion and expansion of guidance to be continued with regard to the use of the FB platform and payment of PPAA subs.

Termination Notice Requests

Following last summer’s tidy-up five notices had been requested. All further actions are now with the Council.

Plot Re-inspections.

The considerable improvements to the site and the enthusiastic approach of new plot holders were welcomed.

The Committee agreed that the continued cultivation of plots would regularly be reviewed in line with Council requirements as spring/summer work should now be progressing in earnest.

Plot Vacancy/Letting and Structure Application

Sue advised that there are currently 2 vacant plots and there have been 12 applications to install a structure on a plot, 8 of which have been approved with 4 pending.

There are no brick cubicles available although 2No appear to be occupied and locked without formal agreement with the Council.

Wildlife Habitat

Richard advised that he had been in contact with the Allotment Officer who had provided the name of the Council’s Conservation Officer who could be consulted with regard to the development of a winter work programme for hedgerow and wild area management. This would be developed to be sympathetic to wildlife and to comply with the conditions of the Local Management Agreement which the Committee is bound by.

Harmful Substances and Plants

A packet of un-damaged rat poison had been reported. This follows the recent sighting of rodents and visit to site by Council environmental control officers. It is assumed that the poison was inadvertently left at this visit.

The naturally occurring plant Lords and Ladies Arum maculatum is present on site. All parts of the plant can cause skin irritation and contact without gloves should be avoided.

Stone Wall Repair

Work to recover fallen stones and repairs will commence shortly.

Poly Tunnel

The construction of new grow beds filled with high grade compost had been completed. Dan and volunteers were thanked for their effort especially as the 8 tonnes of compost had been obtained without cost and the surplus had been put to good use around the site. This source of large quantities of compost might be of interest to the Community Gardens.

Plant Sale

Dan advised that he had started planting seeds and encouraged plot holders who have the facilities to sow seeds for their own plot to over-sow and donate to the plant sale.

Date provisionally set for 4th June 2023 although items could be sold on a rolling schedule depending on availability.


Date for AGM set for 11:00 Sunday 21st May 2023 on site at the poly tunnel.

Any Other Business

Nothing further to report.

Date of next meeting

19:00 Tuesday 9th May 2023 by Zoom.

Raised Bed Frames To Give Away

There will be – we hope in the not too distant future – a delivery of these to site. We understand that they will be left on the hard standing by the poly tunnel. Could those taking them please kindly restrict themselves to a maximum of two, so that several plot holders can benefit.

PPA Website Team

Change of Council email address for allotment matters

We have just received the following message from Cardiff Council:

Dear Site Representative,

We now have a new email address for all Allotment Queries and correspondence for yourselves and allotment tenants.

Please can the new email be used with immediate effect and no longer send any Allotment queries to

Best wishes,



Parciau, Chwaraeon a Awdurdod Harbwr Caerdydd  / Cardiff Parks, Sport and Harbour Authority

Cyngor Caerdydd / Cardiff Council

Could everyone please note that change, and the fact that Cardiff’s guides and forms – as on this website – do not appear to have been updated to this effect as yet. We will publish the correct versions as soon as we have them – thanks all.

PPA Website Team

Sad News

It is with sadness that we hear that Alan Coombs passed away this weekend. Alan had been a plot holder since 2017, on plot 48a, and latterly on plot 5. A regular face on site and a member of the PPAA Committee, Alan was a firm supporter of the allotment life.
We extend our sympathies and our condolences to his wife Liz, to his sons, and to the rest of his family and friends.

PPAA Committee