Action begins on dead tree(s); Wood chip deliveries; Request from Committee volunteers

Dead Tree

Update: the dead tree has now been felled, with a resounding, earth-shaking thud as it hit the ground. It disintegrated on impact, showing just how badly rotten it had become. There’s a video on the PPA Facebook page.

Council arboricultural workers arrived this morning to inspect both dead trees for wildlife, followed by heavier plant to deal with the removal of at least the dangerous one. They informed a volunteer that “it’s coming down”.

PPAA thank and commend the Council for their prompt attention to this problem.

Council staff arrive to inspect the first tree…
…followed by heavier plant…
…they begin inspection of the second tree…
…work well under way…
…and it’s down!

Wood chip deliveries

There’s been a substantial delivery to the pen near the shop, by the southeast gate. No doubt there’ll be more from the above work, and so we expect the Western Avenue gate pen also to be filled shortly.

It looks like good stuff too

A request from Committee volunteers

As mentioned earlier on these pages, there’ll be further work by volunteers on all the site water troughs to insulate the exposed pipework, and also for a short distance below ground level.

So – once again – please would all plot holders kindly ensure that the volunteers aren’t hindered in this work by any of their materials or property – as in the example shown below.

Kind thanks all,

Site Volunteers.

1 thought on “Action begins on dead tree(s); Wood chip deliveries; Request from Committee volunteers”

  1. In some ways it was sad to see a landmark disappear, but in its place the new trees planted by the Council will no doubt flourish.

    I’m sure though, that the plot holders who were directly under the overhanging branches – and within the fall radius – will feel a whole lot more relaxed now when enjoying their gardens, and the poly tunnel’s out of danger too.

    When the log clearance is finished, re-wilding enthusiasts might want to look at the restoration of their plantings in the vicinity of the tree, some of which were bulldozed away to make way for the platform base, however.


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