Although the primary purpose of allotment sites is to grow food, they offer many other benefits and their contribution to supporting wildlife in urban areas is significant. They form some of the best habitat and wildlife corridors. PPAA links up with parks, tracks, hedgerows, and the River Taff.

Plot-holders can help to support wildlife and ensure a balanced eco-system that will reduce pests and diseases and increase productivity by following some simple steps.

Tips for a wildlife friendly plot

  • Reduce or eliminate use of chemicals; use companion planting and physical removal to combat pests such as aphids, slugs and sawfly
  • Create habitats for wildlife; bee-boxes, hedgehog homes, log and stone piles for invertebrates, toads and slow worms who will also inhabit a compost heap
  • Plant late, mid-season and early blooming nectar rich flowers to attract pollinators and beneficial insects all year round
  • Make a pond, keep it ice free in winter by floating a ball on the top and ensure that it is safe for other plot-holders’ children
  • Feed birds through the winter and supply nesting boxes
  • Before strimming make sure there isn’t anyone hiding in the undergrowth. Especially true for hedgehogs. You aren’t allowed bonfires on site remember!

Below are some resources to help you be more wildlife friendly on the Pontcanna Permanent Allotment site.

If you aware of any wildlife on-site, please let us know… it would be great to keep a record of the animals present!