Applying for – or Giving Up – a Plot

Please note that there is currently (14 09 22) a legacy very high demand for plots at PPA, and so regrettably, no new applicants are at present being added by the Council. However, it is hoped that following the lifting of covid restrictions, abandoned plots will soon be let and the backlog reduced. PPAA are working hard to achieve this.

Ordinarily, if someone would like to apply to go on the waiting list for Pontcanna Permanent Allotments then they would visit the Cardiff Council Website.

If, on the other hand, anyone should wish to give up their allotment, then there is a designated form which is recommended.

They should be aware that their plot must be cleared of all possessions, of improvised structures, of scrap materials and so on. If they fail to do this then they – or their estate – may be charged for its removal.

The suggested form is available on the link below.

However, it is important to note, that should a tenant voluntarily give up their plot, then they can always reapply for one whenever they might want one again, whereas if the Council terminate their tenancy compulsorily then they will be barred permanently from all Cardiff sites.

PPAA Committee.