2019 Polytunnel Bed Draw

The PPAA committee is pleased to announce that seven growing beds in the PPAA polytunnel will be available to plot holders for the 2019 growing season.

Anyone wishing to enter the ballot should hand in a note stating their intention and include their name and plot number

By email:  pontcannapermallotments@gmail.com

Ballot Closing Date 10th December 2018

The draw will take place in late December and the results posted.

Conditions for entry

  1. Entrants must be a plot holder with a valid 2018 tenancy agreement and also be a current member of the PPAA (have paid their £5 annual PPAA subs).
  2. Only the plot holder named on the plot tenancy may apply, and only one application per plot will be allowed
  3. Successful candidates cannot sublet or transfer their growing bed to other plot holders.
  4. Should a successful candidate cease to be a tenancy holder or PPAA member in 2019, then their bed will be reallocated
  5. The use of the bed is only for the one growing season. A fresh ballot will be held for 2020
  6. In the event of a large number of applications applicants who have already had a bed for two consecutive seasons will be exempt from the draw.

Minutes of Pontcanna Permanent Allotment Association – 3 October 2018

Present: Sue Jones (Site Secretary), Richard Masterman, Ian Douglas, Ray Edwards, Martin Pasek (Operational Support) Apologies: Alex Brown, Dan Phillips, Jenny Howell (Chair), Wendy Gunter (Treasurer). General attendees: None.

This meeting was chaired by Sue Jones.

Minutes of previous meeting and matters arising – Sue.

Owl nesting boxes – Richard.  Ray has found a likely preferential quote. Whatever the outcome however, the installation is to go ahead without further delay, either on that or on an earlier one. AP Richard, Ray.

Shop and power tool hire – Richard. There has been no further feedback from plot holders generally, to enable the available volunteer effort to run a shop to be ascertained. However, Ian, Richard and Ray expressed enthusiasm for such an operation, and suggested that if the appearance of the premises were made more attractive and business-like, then that would perhaps inspire demand and interest on the site. Ian proposed some improvements, and Site Secretary said that given the uncertainties, this expenditure would probably amount to “risk capital”. She proposed raising a spending ceiling on this, as an agenda item at the next Meeting.

PPAA funds are public money, and so the Committee are required to show Due Diligence, before investing in any business operation.

Having had them serviced and safety-checked, Richard has now finalised the viable power tools for the next growing season, and it was agreed to sell the surplus. Any hire or loan to plot holders remains subject to the necessary insurance and staffing availability, however. AP Richard, Wendy.

Litter pick and Committee walk-about – Ray. Ray proposed both of these activities for the weekend of 17th-18th November. AP Ray.

New Agenda Items – Sue.

Site Secretary’s report. Sue said that the Council’s allotments officer had visited site, and that there had been a helpful and constructive conversation on all issues. In particular, what the Committee hope are temporary difficulties were identified, as a reason for some of the problems recently experienced.

Water meter readings will be taken, and the water turned off at the end of October. AP Sue.

Any Other Business

There was no further business, and the meeting ended at 1935. The next meeting will again be at the Butcher’s Arms Canton, on Wednesday 07/11//2018, at 1900.