About This Website

This is a public website, that is, no log in is required to view it. That’s because it’s intended to be of service not only to PPA plot holders, but also to other members of the public who may be interested for whatever reason.

Likewise, any member of the public may comment – under any non-impersonatory name – on the Notice Board articles. Please be on-topic, truthful, and amiable. (There is also a general chat page called “Rhubarb” for non-topic specific subjects, set by the public commenters.)

The website team – unpaid volunteers – operate it for the benefit of all at the PPA site, and so final editorial oversight is given to the consensus of the PPAA Committee – elected by the site. The Duty Editor and the technical administrator for the website are both currently Committee volunteers.

The channel for bringing general matters to the attention of PPAA Committee is by the means explained on the message page – but not by comments on this website. It isn’t the responsibility of website admin to pass e.g. off-topic comments to them, and nor will PPAA Committee generally necessarily read them in timely manner even when they remain. For those on the WordPress emailing list, please remember that the reply by email facility publishes a comment on the Notice Board, but doesn’t directly contact PPAA Committee!

The site doesn’t use any analytics, nor store any user information from visitors beyond a subscriber list and general traffic information, and it’s also advert free.

The modest expenses associated with the site’s upkeep are kindly defrayed by PPAA from its funds.

Above all though, we appreciate your visits to this site, and we hope very much that you find your browsing both informative and enjoyable!

PPA Website Team.

To message PPA Website Team about matters specifically to do with the website (rather than the Committee about allotment site matters) please fill out the form below. Enter your email address in the second box down, thanks.