About This Website

This is a public website, that is, no account creation or log in is required to view it. This is because it is intended to be of interest not only to PPA plot holders, but also to members of the public who may be connected – say by family – to plot holders, or be interested in becoming one, or be someone connected with a different allotment site, but who may be interested in the running and activity of ours, and so on.

Likewise, any member of the public may comment on the blog articles on this website. To reduce spam, first comments from a given contributor will need admin approval, but from then on they should appear immediately – so long as the same name and email are used. However, try not to include more than two links per comment, or the auto spam filter may give a false positive and reject it. Comments are reactively moderated, but will not be removed unless there is a material reason for doing so. They may also be amended, if considered editorially appropriate. Please be polite, relevant – that is, on-topic – truthful, and amiable.

The website team cannot generally verify or counter any matter stated as fact by commenters, and so readers are strongly advised to do that for themselves before relying on them. However, where a commenter posts material which is offensive, known to be misleading, or possibly defamatory to anyone, that post will be removed, and if they persist in such posts then they may be blocked from comments. We appreciate that some commenters may at times wish to be anonymous, and frivolous user names may bring welcome levity too, but multi-name posting is not encouraged.

Any person may also submit complete articles – including illustrations – for publication, and again, unless there is a material reason for not publishing – e.g. they are irrelevant to allotments – then in general they will be published. Such contributions are cordially welcomed.

The website team – unpaid volunteers – operate it for the benefit of all at the PPA site, and so final editorial oversight is given to the consensus of the PPAA Committee. A member – and this person may change from time-to-time – is presently the Duty Editor, and the technical administrator for the website is currently a Committee helper.

There is no requirement under either the PPAA Constitution or the Local Management Agreement for PPAA to be involved in the operation or content of any website, social media accounts etc., and so there are no rules in that regard beyond general law to which this site must adhere. It does pretty much follow the established conventions for similar enthusiast sites, however.

The correct channel for bringing general matters to the attention of PPAA Committee is by the contact formnot by comments on this website. It isn’t the responsibility of website admin to pass e.g. off-topic comments to them, and nor will anyone on PPAA Committee necessarily read them in timely manner even when they remain. This website does not – at the time of writing – notify the PPAA email account of comments posted either. For those on the WordPress emailing list, please remember that the reply by email facility publishes a comment on the blog, but does not directly contact PPAA Committee!

The site does not use any analytics, nor store any user information from visitors beyond a subscriber list and general traffic information, and it is also advert free.

The modest expenses associated with the site’s upkeep are defrayed by PPAA from its funds.

Above all though, we appreciate your visits to this site, and we hope very much that you find your browsing both informative and enjoyable!

PPA Website Team.