The shop is physically the building nearest to the southern site boundary, by the southeast site gate. It’s presently being run on an order-by-email basis, or by word-of-mouth, if anyone should happen to see a Committee member who attends to it – Richard, that is.

Customers should message PPAA Committee, and someone – normally Richard – will pick up their message to send them an up-to-date price list or to attend to their order by email.

For payment by BACS – preferred – PPAA bank details are:

Account Number:   02568231
Sort Code :                30-98-94

(Please quote plot number and “SHOP” in the reference)

Seed potatoes now in stock

Charlotte Second early.  Approx. 14 tubers per kg.   £2.50 for 1 kg bag

Desiree Main crop.   Approx. 14 tubers per kg.   £2.50 for 1 kg bag

King Edward Main crop.   Approx. 14 tubers per kg.   £2.50 for 1 kg bag

Order via message to PPAA Committee

Payment by bank transfer:

PPAA Bank Details (Could everyone please quote their plot number and mention shop or sh in the reference – thanks)

Account Number:   02568231
Sort Code :                30-98-94

Weed suppressant black fabric now back in stock.

The shop operators are pleased to tell everyone that this delivery has now arrived.

With summer’s end, many plot holders will be leaving part at least of their gardens crop free, and this is an excellent way of saving tiresome weeding for when they come to start again next season.

The woven fabric comes in a 3.3m width and will currently be sold at cost of £2.00 per metre length.

To order, the buyer should use the message page, and they’ll receive an email reply with the price and the PPAA BACS details for payment if they agree. Volunteer(s) will deliver it to their plot – so they should always give their plot number!

Orders ready for delivery to plots.