ASSOCIATION MINUTES 20th September 2020

Annotated Minutes for PPAA Committee meeting, held on 20/09/20, at 1000, PPAA Allotments Site

Present: Philip Reardon (Site Representative – “Site Secretary”), Richard Masterman (Chair), Wendy Gunter (Treasurer), Sue Jones, Ian Douglas, Jamila Mohammed, Jenny Howell, Martin Pasek (Operational Support) Apologies: None received. General attendees: None.

Chairman’s report – Richard.

Richard welcomed the new office holders on the Committee to the meeting, thanked the previous ones for their work, and thanked Wendy for continuing as treasurer.

Site Secretary’s report – outgoing Sue, incoming Philip.

Sue reported that due to the ongoing Council’s covid19 restrictions there had been no plots let, and no clean or quit orders issued, since the last meeting.

Philip confirmed that covid19 restrictions were still in effect. However the Allotments Officer had recently stated that plans were in place to reopen lists etc. in the near future, although the exact date had still to be announced.

Treasurer’s report – Wendy.

Wendy reported that the Grant for this year has been received and also increased, owing to a greater number of plots on site and more under sixty plot holders.

She said that BACS payments are working well, but that it is essential that the payers identify in the “comment” their plot numbers when paying, and whether the payment is for PPAA subscriptions, for the shop, or for both, e.g. “plot number subs”, “plot number shop”, or “plot number both.”

Wood chip and manure deliveries – Richard.

Wendy reported that there had been a delivery of good quality wood chip, which was rapidly used however.

Philip said that the Council had not announced any date to restart deliveries of manure.

Plot holders are reminded that they are welcome to cart or to barrow manure from the Riding School themselves during this period.

Hedge maintenance – Richard.

Site Representative, Philip, said that he had contacted the Council’s Allotments Officer, to try to arrange for hedge cutting to take place, and that she would reply within a week as to progress. AP Philip.

Poly tunnel repairs – Richard.

Ian said that he had quotes of around £250 for a new polythene cover, and that the current users of the beds in the tunnel were happy to get together for a day to replace the existing damaged one with it.

Trackway repairs – Richard.

It was agreed as before (minutes, passim) that the mud on the track running from the old club house round to the Community Gardens should be removed, and that the hardcore recently deposited on tracks at the other end of site should be covered with a more acceptable material. AP Richard.

Shop – Richard.

The successful on line operation will continue. Richard said that a clearer picture of popular items was emerging, and what to re-order. There is as yet no plan for a regular opening of the physical premises,

although occasional sales may take place, and if so then these will be publicised on the website and Facebook page.

Use/hire of power tools – Richard.

Several mentioned that there have been enquiries from plot holders on this. As there is no insurance cover nor volunteer time to manage such an operation, it is not possible for PPAA to offer this facility.

Water trough maintenance – Richard.

Martin mentioned that he had replaced leaking washers on ballcocks, and other parts, as the need arose. Sue said that she and some plot holders had cleared sediment from the troughs, although they would need to be done again before long. Philip will turn off the water at the end of October. AP Philip.

Plot holders are asked to report water leaks or any such problems to the Committee.

Any Other Business
Website – Philip.
Philip has offered to be webmaster, and to address the recent lack of maintenance. AP Philip. 

Fly-tipping prevention – Richard.

Sue reminded the meeting that areas which were cleared recently – at cash cost to PPAA – such as abandoned cubicles, the old clubhouse etc. are rapidly filling with fly-tipped rubbish once more. Philip proposed that using contractors who deal in boarding-up to seal these would be a worthwhile investment to save long-term on waste removal contractors. This would take place in the context of some of the cubicles being renovated for hire.

Plot holders are reminded that they must remove any rubbish that they may have from site themselves, to compost plant waste on their own plots, or to remove that likewise, and that fly-tipping anywhere on Council property is a serious offence which would also likely lose them their tenancy.

Paths between plots – Jenny.

Jenny asked that plot holders respect and maintain the access paths, as they are required by their tenancy terms to do. In particular, she urged the reinstatement of paths where they have either been cultivated – i.e. disappeared – or become impassable.

Ivy growth on boundary wall – Ian.

Ian raised the matter of the ivy damaging the wall. It was agreed that its removal would be beneficial if possible. AP Ian.

Renovation of cubicles – Philip.

Wendy reminded the meeting of the history of this proposal, and of the likely costs and problems. It was re- iterated that the recurring sticking point was the removal of the asbestos roofs, and that it had previously been resolved to settle this as a separate matter first, in order to clear the ways. (Minutes passim). AP TBA.

There was no further business and the meeting ended at 1110.

The next PPAA meeting will be [at a time and place to be arranged.]

1 thought on “ASSOCIATION MINUTES 20th September 2020”

  1. The clearing of ivy on walls. This is used for food And nesting by insects and birds all year round. . Is it really necessary to clear it?


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