2020 AGM Minutes 6th September


Committee: Sue Jones (Site Representative – “Site Secretary”), Jenny Howell (Chair), Wendy Gunter (Treasurer), Ian Douglas, Martin Pasek (Operational Support).

Plot holders: Richard Waters, (plot 103), Alan Coombs (plot 48a), Roger Benson (plot 127b), James Matthews (plot 24b), Mrs. J. Mohammed (plot 76a tbc), Philip Reardon (tbc).

Apologies: Richard Masterman, Jane Williams.

Chair’s Welcome and Introduction – Jenny

Jenny welcomed all to the AGM, and gave a summary of the meeting’s business. She emphasised the good fortune of plot holders in having access to their gardens during the covid19 restrictions, and thanked the Committee for their work since the last AGM.

Jenny announced that she would be stepping down as chair, but remaining on the Committee, subject to approval at the meeting.

Site Secretary’s Speech – Sue

Sue explained that since the start of the covid19 restrictions, the Council have placed a moratorium on all letting of plots, and also on the issuing of Clean Or Quit notices. This means that where plots have become overgrown due to the holder’s sheltering and non-attendance, there is understandably no action to be taken. She has not been sent any waiting lists or vacant plots lists, and so cannot report on them.

Sue announced that she would be stepping down as Site Representative (“Site Secretary”) but remaining on the Committee, and thanked Philip Reardon for offering to assume that position.

Sue thanked Jenny for her work as Chair.

PPAA Accounts – Treasurer’s Report – Wendy

Wendy brought printed copies for the attendees. She confirmed that Dave King, plot holder, had audited the accounts, and that he was content.

Wendy said that the Grant has been approved and is on its way, but remarked that dealing with the Council is awkward owing to covid19 measures at the moment.

She said that the shop operation – based on online pre-payment and collect/delivery – is working well, but asked that people please identify for what their payments are, i.e. Shop, or for Subs, or for both, or for whatever, along with their plot number – space permitting.

Richard Masterman sent an email detailing the shop’s business. Good progress has been made clearing old stock. Total sales for 2019/2020 were £709.70p, and £544.80p has been invested in new stock.

Election/Appointment of Officers – Jenny

Officers were proposed by Ian Douglas and seconded by Roger Benson. There were only single candidates for each position.

Philip Reardon was appointed unopposed as the new Site Representative (“Site Secretary”)

Wendy Gunter was re-appointed unopposed as Treasurer. 

Richard Masterman was appointed unopposed as the new Chair

Election/Appointment of Committee – Jenny

Jenny invited anyone present who was interested to join the Committee. Mrs. Jamila Mohammed kindly volunteered.

James Matthews proposed all existing Committee members who wished to continue to do so, and for Mrs. Mohammed also to be placed on the Committee. Ian Douglas seconded and all were appointed or re-appointed unopposed.


James Matthews queried when the Council would restart manure deliveries. At this stage the Committee have no information, but as per the notices placed on the gates by the Riding School, plot holders are welcome to take their barrows there and to help themselves for the time being.

There was no further business, and the meeting ended at 1122.

1 thought on “2020 AGM Minutes 6th September”

  1. Hi Committee,

    Any wiggle room for those allotment holders who would love to support shop and be on time with their subs, but are not on-site line shoppers and it’s not an option in the future ( that’s me )

    I am looking to totally re-furbish and re-cover my polytunnel in 2021, does any of the Committee know a reputable firm or person to give me a quote..?

    Many thanks

    Geraldine Plot 80 a / b


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