Committee Meeting 06/07/21

Minutes for PPAA Committee meeting, held on 06/07/21, at 1900, by Zoom


Present: Philip Reardon (Site Representative) Richard Masterman (Chair), Sue Jones, Dan Phillips, Martin Pasek (Operational Support).


Apologies: Wendy Gunter (Treasurer), Jenny Howell, Ian Douglas


Previous minutes and matters arising – Richard.


Chairman’s report – Richard.


The leaking water pipe has been repaired.


The fallen tree has been removed. However, the damage to the wall will not be repaired for several months it appears. Philip reported that the Council will only be assessing it within this timescale.


Site Representative’s Report – Philip


No emails have been received from the Allotments Officer, so Philip has been unable to let any plots as he does not have the updated waiting list.


Vacant plots are becoming overgrown, but Philip is hopeful that tenants with the needed resolve can be found to clear them when letting resumes.


The Council have issued revised criterions for granting permission for the putting up of structure such as sheds, greenhouses etc.


Philip does not expect that these will cause any problems for those with existing facilities.


Precise details will be posted in due course.


Any Other Business.


Poly tunnel – Ian.


Ian will shortly be attending to the ironmongery to be fitted to the door.


Manure/wood chip deliveries – Philip.


There have been deliveries of manure, but no charge has been requested, and so it is not intended to raise any issue with any party.


Wood chip is being deposited by at least two private companies. How they gained site access is not known, but so far the material has been of reasonable quality and so again, unless the position deteriorates no action is proposed.


Reports of possible wilful damage – Sue.


The Committee have received reports of what could be intentional damage to trees, and of other nuisances on plots. It is not easily possible to say whether the tree damage is intentional or some form of disease however.


Nonetheless, it is considered timely to remind all plot holders that wilful damage or nuisance to any other plot will result in summary loss of tenancy and also likely prosecution too. The Committee therefore ask all tenants to be vigilant, and to report to the Committee any suspicious acts that they might witness.


It is also conducive to good relations between neighbouring tenants that we all take care that branches etc. do not overhang other plots, and that neither spreading weeds such as bindweed, couch grass etc., nor cultivated subjects such as mint are allowed to spread from ours onto theirs.


Break-ins – Philip.


There is evidence of break-ins. Please do not keep anything portable of significant value on site. It may be cost saving to leave sheds unlocked to avoid the damage of forced entry, as many do.


The Committee are, as ever, looking at ways to make the site more secure.


Possible AGM – Philip.


An AGM will be arranged as soon as covid19 conditions make this possible.


Carpet – Sue.


The Committee sympathise that this may appear useful as a weed suppressant, but remind plot holders that their terms expressly forbid its use on allotments, as its plastic fibres become a persistent soil pollutant, and for other reasons.


If you have any carpet on your plot then please remove it as soon as you can. Bio-degradable materials such as corrugated cardboard are fine, however, and the wood chip makes a good mulch for fruit bushes etc.


Gate locks – Sue.


Both locks have been recently refurbished and are in good order.


However, the SE gate has slumped rather on its hinges and needs lifting. It catches on the lock bolt and can make turning the key a little difficult. Pulling up the gate makes this easier.


Subject to that, if your key does not operate them easily, then please contact Site Representative for a better copy which we have.


Please do NOT attempt alterations or maintenance. Someone has heavily oiled the SE lock which achieves nothing – the mechanism is above the keyhole – and it simply makes the gate messy for other users. Please do not do this.


There was no further business and the meeting ended at 1935.


The next – now bi-monthly – PPAA meeting will be on Sept 7th 2021 at 1900, provisionally also by Zoom.

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