Association Minutes 9th March 2020

Pontcanna Permanent Allotment Association

Meeting Tuesday 9th March 2020

1. Present: Ian Douglas, Wendy Gunter (Treasurer), Jenny Howell (Chair), Richard Masterman, Daniel Phillips, 

Apologies Sue Jones, Martin Pasek, Alex Brown 

2. Site Secretary’s Report

Wendy read out Sue’s report. We have 9 new plotholders and 4 plots still to fill. The waiting list is around 80 and the waiting time around 18 months.

One of the available plots, 26b, has a lot of rubbish on it which needs removing before it can be let. Richard has agreed to have a look at removal along with the remedial works to the road (see below). It is possible it may need to be removed by volunteers. AP: RM

There is a lot of rubbish building up in the sheds. It has been agreed that a temporary solution is to board up the sheds. Wendy will look into this. Once we have a date for the work to be done, we will arrange for a skip to be delivered so that we can clear the rubbish first. AP: WG

It was agreed that plotholders should be reminded of their responsibility to keep their plots clean and remove their own rubbish. Jenny to put a note on the website to this effect.     AP: JH

3. The bottom road

Richard gave us an update on the situation with the road nearest the shop. The contractor has deposited hardcore which he claimed was perfectly acceptable for this kind of work. In fact, the road has some glass and other items which are not appropriate as a top surface. It was agreed that with a suitable top surface, it would be fine to leave the existing material in place. Dan offered to seek the advice of a friend of his who is a civil engineer on the best way forward. Richard is happy to continue to manage the work going forward. It was agreed that at the same time, a price should be sought to improve the road across the top of Llandaff Fields, and along the boundary fence with WJEC. This work may need to be phased. AP: DP and RM

4. AGM and Plant Fair

The date of the plant fair has been set for Saturday 16th May. We decided to have the AGM on Sunday 17th May at 11am so that we can continue to sell unsold plants at the same time.

5. Shop

Richard and Ian have very kindly offered to open the shop on the first Sunday of each month, starting on 3rd May and finishing in September. AP: ID and RM

6. Committee Members

Dan commented on the lack of committee members, and felt that more people might be happy to contribute if they felt their commitment was not too great and open ended. An example was taking the monthly minutes, or showing people around their plot for the first time. He has offered to write something that we can use on Facebook, the website and before the AGM that might encourage new people to step forward. AP: DP

7. Polytunnel Damage

Ian said that the high winds had caused irreparable damage to the plastic covering on the polytunnel. He was happy to do some running emergency repairs to get us through to the plant sale. However he felt that a new cover should be bought and fixed during the summer months. It would cost around £300 – £400. It was agreed this could go ahead. AP: ID

8. Date of Next Meeting

Tuesday 7th April, 7pm, Butchers Arms

4 thoughts on “Association Minutes 9th March 2020”

  1. Dear Jason The ‘idea’ was suggested by the allotments officer, Celia Hart without any consultation with me. When she informed me of the ‘idea’ I pointed out that there was an issue between yourself and Monica and that I was against the proposal. I suggested we made other arrangements . I hope that puts your mind at rest

    Sue Jones

    PPAA Site Secretary


  2. Jason, the last sentence of item three in the minutes seems to me to address your query?

    If the plan as I understand it is still to remove the build-up of mud and soil and to expose the rolled hardcore underneath, which seems to be in good condition – as previously discussed – then it’s important that plot holders cease using the adjoining bank as a tip for rubbish, clumps of weeds etc., which fall down back onto the track and are a large part of the problem.

    Your vigilance in this regard, for whoever might be doing this would be very helpful, I think that it is safe for me to assume.

    I write only in the capacity of a practical volunteer helper, and do not represent the Committee of PPAA, however.


  3. I will raise your question at the next Committee meeting and get back to you with a response Jason. All the best,


  4. When will the continuous issue of flooding outside my allotments at 84a&b be properly addressed please?

    Last tear I was issued with two clear or quit notices by the committee.

    If I am unable to access my allotments as easily as everyone else has access to theirs ie through the front of their plot, how do you expect me to properly maintain my allotments?

    I would like to receive a statement regarding this issue from the chairperson please.

    Thank you.


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