Minutes of Pontcanna Permanent Allotments Association – 14 December 2016

Present: Tim Llewellyn; Ian Douglas; Ray Edwards; Alex Brown; Sue Jones; Martin Pasek; Gary Reed; Frank Berry (RCG); Hannah Ahmed (RCG); Gordon Clark (RCG) Apologies: Dave King; Dan Phillips.

Secretary’s duties. Some of the committee have been unable to spend the necessary time needed to monitor their allotted part of the site, to ensure that plots are being worked. This will be remedied by the next meeting. This will remain as a standing agenda item until further notice (AP all).

Car park/manure. Ray has made progress with a notice near the top car park suggesting the best parking arrangement for users. RCG are also interested in improving their parking arrangements. Ray will seek quotes. (AP Ray).

Website. Our new website is now live, pontcannapaa.com. Many thanks to Alex for this work, and he will oversee the entries onto the site. He asked the Riverside Community Garden (RCG) group if they would provide some detail of their work and the services on offer to our plot holders for inclusion on the site. Alex is willing to hear from any plot holder who would like to contribute to the website. (AP RCG).

Plot numbering. Tim has completed the numbering of plots on his patch. Ian will be next to do his. (AP Ian/all).

Strimming of plots. The committee would like to use the strimmer which Ian has bought recently. With storage in mind the best option would be to use Dave’s lock up, which now has room for it. Dave will get more keys cut. (AP Dave). Also we will consider purchasing a weedkiller sprayer.

Hedge. Concern was expressed about the recent severe hedge cut carried out by the Council. We were given no notice of this and would have counselled against such a heavy handed exercise. Sue will pursue with Celia and Ray will ask the Parks Dept about the authorisation process. (AP Sue/Ray).

LMA/ Insurance. Discussions are ongoing with the Council about the level of grant that will be offered to us for this financial year. (AP Tim/Dave).

Resource Planning. Dave suggested at the last meeting that we need to produce a plan of how we are going to use our finances over the next few years to show the Council that we have recognised what needs to be done onsite, and plan to pay for it. We will also welcome any ideas from plot holders. (AP all).

Riverside Community Garden. Frank, Hannah and Gordon attended the meeting with a view to forging closer links between PPAA and RCG. It was a positive exchange of ideas and they will send a representative to future committee meetings.

Polytunnel. For the next meeting it was agreed that we need to consider the effective use of the polytunnel for the future. Should we set up more raised beds, how to extend access to plot holders, etc. Ian and Tim will look at the position when the committee meets onsite on Sunday for the tree work party. (AP Ian/Tim).

Date of next meeting – Tuesday 10 January, Butchers Arms, Canton.

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