Minutes of Pontcanna Permanent Allotments Association – 15 November 2016

Present: Tim Llewellyn; Dave King; Ian Douglas; Dan Phillips; Sue Jones; Martin Pasek; Gary Reed.

Apologies: Ray Edwards; Alex Brown; Monica Nobrega; Harriet Williams.

Secretary’s duties. Some of the committee have been unable to spend the necessary time needed to monitor their allotted part of the site, to ensure that plots are being worked. This will be remedied by the next meeting. This will remain as a standing agenda item until further notice (AP all).

Car park/manure. Ray will put up a notice near the top car park suggesting the best parking arrangement for users. (AP Ray).

Website. Alex has put together a skeleton website which was discussed and agreed that it can go live without further delay. Tim will feedback to Alex with a view for early implementation. (AP Tim).

Plot numbering. Gary has prepared signs for Tim’s plot areas that can be used. Before the rest of the committee members identify the plots on their patch which are not numbered, Tim will endeavour to put them on the relevant plots and feedback at the next meeting on the most effective method. (AP Tim).

Strimming of plots. The committee would like to use the strimmer which Ian has bought recently. With storage in mind the best option would be to use Dave’s lock up, which now has room for it. Dave will get more keys cut. (AP Dave). Also we will consider purchasing a weedkiller sprayer.

Hedge. The committee would like to thank Anthony for cutting the spine road hedge this year.

Communal compost bins. These are proving to be a very useful additional facility for plot holders to use. However, the committee would like to remind everyone that the success of the scheme depends on their full cooperation e.g. do not put pernicious weeds (mares tail, couch and bindweed) into the mix as it will store up problems in future. Also, some plastic and glass products were discovered in one bin this week. [Update: please note that this arrangement has been discontinued in accordance with Council rules, and PPAA intend to remove all remaining compost in due course. Would all plot holders please deal with composting on their own plots or remove it from site as our Rules Of Tenancy require – thanks] 

LMA/ Insurance. Dave has taken on the responsibility for insurance premium renewals to cover PPAA’s employers’ (and third party) liability. This along with the 2015/16 accounts were presented to Celia Hart last week. Discussions are ongoing with the Council about the level of grant that will be offered to us for this financial year. (AP Tim/Dave).

Resource Planning. Dave suggested that we need to produce a plan of how we are going to use our finances over the next few years to show the Council that we have recognised what needs to be done onsite, and plan to pay for it. With this in mind we agreed that the committee will meet on Sunday 20 November to walk the site and list the jobs that need consideration. We will also welcome any ideas from plot holders. (AP all).

The bottom (shop) gate. The committee expressed its thanks to Martin for resolving the problem with the bottom gate. It has been noticed that this gate is sometimes left unlocked. Can all plot holders please remember that it is their responsibility to lock the gate on entry and departure. There is no excuse now that it is in full working order.

Riverside Community Garden. Sue mentioned that a plot holder has asked her for help on their allotment. As the RCG has been very helpful in the past it was agreed that Sue would discuss this with the RCG. On a wider basis the committee thought it would be good to build closer working arrangements with the RCG. Dave will be in touch with Isla Horton later this week and ask her to attend a future PPAA committee meeting. (AP Sue/Dave).

Polytunnel. For the next meeting it was agreed that we need to consider the effective use of the polytunnel for the future. Should we set up more raised beds, how to extend access to plot holders, etc. (AP all).

Date of next meeting – Wednesday 14 December, Butchers Arms, Canton.

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