Minutes for PPAA Working Group Meeting held 15th Sept 2022 at 19:00 by Zoom regarding Plot Maintenance.

Present:  Richard Masterman (Chair), Jenny Howell, Sue Jones, Dan Philips, Alan Coombs, Wendy Gunter (Treasurer)

Apologies: None


  • Richard explained the meeting was convened to specifically review progress with regard to poorly cultivated plots.

Plots under observation

  • Jenny, Sue and Richard had identified many plots that were in poor condition in contravention of the Council’s tenancy agreement. These had been recorded by dated photographs and, after discussion by the full committee and in accordance with Council instructions, Pre-Notice letters and emails had been issued to associated plot holders advising that they were on notice to provide a valid reason for non-cultivation or start clearance work within a two-week timeframe or a Notice of Non-Cultivation (formerly Clear or Quit) would be issued. 
  • Jenny reviewed the schedule and the responses received to date were discussed. Responses included valid reasons for non-cultivation, significant improvements commenced, plot returned to the Council for re-allocation from the waiting list and no response.
  • Plots where a Non-Cultivation Notice would be issued were identified and notices would be issued forthwith.
  • Summary

i) 31 Pre-notice emails/letters issued

ii) 17 plot holders to be issued with Non-cultivation Notices

iii) 7 plots returned for re-letting

iv) 7 plots with significant improvement

Vacant Plots

  • Dan reported that the plot holder he had approached had offered his services to carry out preliminary clearance of some overgrown plots and he would arrange for a couple of sample plots to be undertaken to confirm the scope of work. 
  • If satisfactory a schedule of plots which are vacant and in seriously bad condition would be provided.
  • Wendy reiterated her requirement for adequate records and invoicing.

New Lets

  • Sue had Undertaken site viewings with prospective plot holders from the waiting list and had confirmed several new tenants with the Allotment Officer.
  • Sue reported the following figures: (i) 12 plots let to new tenants (ii) 5 plots now ok to offer (iii) 6 plots requiring work before being offered  (iv) 4 viewings were due.
  • Sue reported that the Allotment Officer was currently undertaking a detailed review of all waiting lists which had dramatically increased during the Covid restrictions.

Ground cover

  • Richard reported that 2 new rolls of 3.3m width ground cover membrane had been ordered and delivery expected shortly.
  • Sue advised that 68m of the existing roll had been sold.

Any other business

  • None

Next meetings

  • Committee meeting 19:00 Tuesday 11th October 2022. Zoom or venue to be agreed.

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