Minutes for PPAA Committee Meeting held on 30th August 2022 on site at 18:00

In response to the matters raised at this meeting this page and this page have been added to the website.

Present:  Richard Masterman (Chair), Jenny Howell, Sue Jones, Dan Philips, Alan Coombs

Apologies: Wendy Gunter (Treasurer)

Previous Minutes:

  • Matters arising from Committee meeting 8th August 2022 to be addressed as agenda items.

Chair Report

  • Items addressed in Any Other Business

Site Representative 

  • In the absence of an appointed Site Representative other committee members have undertaken immediate matters and have continued addressing PPA issues including responding to plot holder Gmail queries, plot inspections and waiting list review.
  • Sue is in regular contact with the Allotment Officer to maintain continuity of communication.
  • Richard volunteered that after a short time on leave he would take on the role and it was agreed that, with the assistance of other committee members, a more inclusive approach would be adopted to ease the burden on the Site Representative.

Council matters

  • It was noted that the Council’s reference to the Clear or Quit notice had been revised to a Non-Cultivation notice.

PPAA matters

  • Items addressed in AoB.

Treasurer’s report

  • Nothing additional to report from previous meeting

Any Other Business

Overgrown plots:

  • The Committee had previously resolved to address the poor state of some plots and have continued the implementation of the Council’s Non-Cultivation policy.
  • Many plots have been identified as in poor condition and are heavily overgrown.  Pre-Notice Warning of Non-Cultivation correspondence has been issued to the respective plot holders and follow up inspections will take place.
  • Richard and Jenny have kept a schedule of plots under observation which will be regularly reviewed and updated prior to each committee meeting. The Committee will then regularly monitor progress towards correct cultivation.
  • The inspections together with information received from the Allotment Officer revealed that several of the overgrown plots are vacant and Sue volunteered to begin the process of re-letting these.
  • The Committee agreed to approach a plot holder who has previously offered their services to strim/brush cut overgrown areas to enquire if there is an interest in further work to speed up the backlog of overgrown vacant plots.
  • The Committee agreed to make available at cost the ground cover membrane held in the PPA shop to plot holders as a temporary measure whilst clearance and cultivation progress. The cover would be returnable to the shop if still in good condition.
  • The current waiting list is large and as vacant plots are offered to new prospective tenants’ consideration will be given to dividing whole plots in to “a” and “b” half plot size.


  • Sue has made enquiries with regard to manure delivery and reported that the stables are very keen to continue the supply but they have no means of transportation. Parks Department have previously delivered but this service is now withdrawn.
  • Manure remains free to plot holders who are able to collect.
  • Sue is making further enquiries with Parks Department to see if further deliveries are possible.
  • It was suggested that an enquiry could be made to plot holders via the website blog to see if anyone has access to suitable machinery to assist.


  • Dan has instigated a sub-group to rationalise and improve communications and dissemination of information to plot holders. Work is progressing with a report anticipated for the next committee meeting.

Next meetings

  • A review of the Pre-Notice Warning notifications 19:00 Thursday 15th September 2022 by Zoom.
  • Committee meeting 19:00 Tuesday 11th October 2022. Zoom or venue to be agreed.

1 thought on “Minutes for PPAA Committee Meeting held on 30th August 2022 on site at 18:00”

  1. Re the manure from the Riding School, you can always use the trolley that rests by the shop. It holds several barrowloads, and is quite easy to pull, now that the tyres have been repaired and inflated properly. There’s no hill in the way either 😉


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