Minutes for PPAA Committee Meeting held on 9th August 2022 at 19:00 by Zoom

Present: Philip Reardon (Site Rep), Wendy Gunter (Treasurer), Richard Masterman (Chair), Jenny Howell, Sue Jones, Dan Philips, Alan Coombs

Apologies: Jon Townley

Previous Minutes:

  • Items from Committee meeting 8th June 2022 to be addressed as agenda items
  • Items from Working Group meeting 11th July 2022
  1. Work to update the Constitution is on hold. Jenny stated her view that proposals should be formulated prior to Council feedback/agreement. 
  2. Web site updates have been completed with continuing review. Thanks to Sue and her team.
  3. Maintenance of plots: covered by agenda item

Chair Report

  • CAHA/Site Reps meeting had taken place with notes distributed to committee members
  • Skips had been arranged, filled and removed from site.

Site Representative 

Council matters

  • Nothing further received regarding storm damage to perimeter walls, overhanging trees or the blocked/overflowing culvert. Dan suggested escalating the issues via CAHA.
  • The allotment management software operated by the Council is in the process of a full upgrade but is not expected to be operational for some considerable time. This further slows down the Council’s process of managing poorly attended and overgrown plots.

PPAA matters

  • Philip reported that of the 15 confirmed vacant plots 10 had been let to new tenants although 4 of the outgoing plot holders were contesting their removal. He stated that the 5 remaining plots would remain unlet pending Council resolution of the disputes.
  • There was discussion regarding the provision of detailed information to the committee regarding the status of overgrown plots, plot inspections, Clear or Quit notices and a detailed schedule which committee members could work from in order to assist with progressing site actions. 
  • Philip stated that he felt a lack of support from the Council, from some committee members, and had been subjected to aggressive threats from some plot holders, and stated that he would step down from the roles of Site Representative and PPAA committee member with immediate effect, and withdrew from the meeting.
  • In the absence of a Site Representative other committee members undertook to monitor Council/Site Rep correspondence and other duties pending appointment of a new site representative.
  • The meeting continued.

Treasurer’s report

  • Wendy confirmed the PPAA account was up to date and in order with a positive balance.

Any Other Business

  • Dan agreed to set up a sub-group to review all communication formats with a view to rationalising. 
  • Plot holders are reminded to keep contact details up to date with the Council to avoid obsolete details being used.
  • The boundary lines between plots have become very indistinct in places. A member of the Community Gardens has previously carried out minor maintenance work and will be approached again to see if interested in helping to clear paths.
  • Dan reported that the work within the polytunnel had progressed well and further improvements to provide additional grow beds will continue through the coming months.
  • Sue agreed to contact the stables to get an update on manure deliveries.

Next meeting – to be confirmed

It is proposed to hold an in-person meeting on site in August to review the Site Representative position.

Next scheduled committee meeting 19:00 Tuesday 04 October 2022.

6 thoughts on “Minutes for PPAA Committee Meeting held on 9th August 2022 at 19:00 by Zoom”

  1. I find it very very sad to read the reasons for Philips resignation.  I would have hoped that the committee could be compatible and supportive of each other, despite varying views, and aggression from plot holders is unforgivable and should receive an official warning – if not name and shame Sorry Phillip and thanks for what you have done. Jane Davies


    1. Hi Jane, writing as a non-Committee member, but as someone who has attended many meetings as a helper – I used to take the minutes when Sue was Site Rep – I can say that they have been almost always very polite and amiable affairs.

      Unfortunately, given the mess left by covid19, and the difficulties in getting information or anything else done with the Council, the Site Rep’s job has become more onerous, and when people are under pressure they are naturally more sensitive.

      However, I would really hesitate to speculate how big any particular section of the pie chart of reasons for someone’s actions was. Quite a small thing can easily be a Last Straw, or again, otherwise.


    2. Hi jane totally agree with your comments regarding committee members/plotholders. (Edit: possibly misleading entry removed)


    3. Hello
      Just wanted to let you know that I have attempted to strim the weeds down on my two plots 84 a&b – I got as far as the blue drum/halfway when I must have disturbed a wasps nest inside the drum. I was attacked & severely stung 14 times on my right hand/forearm. I shot a video of the wasps afterwards. In the panic that followed to get away, I slipped & fell on the slurry that now seems to permanently reside outside my allotments entrance. I took a fall with the petrol strimmer still attached to the harness & severely damaged my back, as I was forced to the ground backwards, as I was twisted by the harness. That was on June 15th. Two months later & my back injury still hasn’t healed properly, I can barely stand up straight.

      I will be going to see my GP about the injury on Thursday next, it should have healed by now.

      I am not in any fit state to continue strimming down the rest of the plots & have been told by the council that you are not allowed to issue me with the Clear or Quit notices…yet I have still tried to keep the weeds down because I know from experience how infuriating it is when your neighbours plots are overrun with weeds (edit: erroneous and potentially defamatory claim removed)

      I’m also having discussions with Cardiff Council, Celia Hart & John Maidment regarding the ongoing issues with the manhole cover causing access & safety issues to my allotments all year round – it was once a fully working organic allotments(I have videos & photos) – now it is completely overrun with weeds because the committee chose to do nothing in all this time.

      It was once the place I went to feel happy – now it makes me feel sad & I have to buy my vegetables when I should be able to grow them.

      The council informed me that a camera would be installed to monitor the situation. That was last January & since then neither of them have bothered to keep me informed – after all these years nobody seems to care about my wellbeing, yet I’m still paying full rent for an allotment that is unsafe to use.

      I wrote to my MP about the situation in January this year – they got the council to respond to my requests within days, infact it was so quick that the email the council sent me offering to meet me at my allotments whilst the assessment was being carried out, only offered me 3 hours to get there, as it was sent the same day of the assessment – seems that got Celia’s attention & I thought ‘at last’ someone is helping – but since then nothing has happened & I haven’t been kept informed – then my MP emailed me last week to ask if everything was going ok & I’ve just replied to say no, I am still being ignored…(edit: a moderator) has blocked me from using the Facebook page – it would be a nice gesture if you unblocked me, don’t you think?

      Thank you.



  2. Please keep comments on-topic i.e relevant to the post, and – if you have a moment – have a read about this website

    To contact PPAA Committee on other matters, kindly use this page. They may well not read comments here in timely manner.

    Commenters who repeatedly post offensive or potentially defamatory material about anyone may be blocked, as is usual on sites such as this.

    Thanks all.

    PPA Website Team


  3. I notice that the manhole cover 60m further down in the park didn’t blow last time, so perhaps there’s a blockage/restriction between the one on site and that one?

    If the Council won’t act – even though it is absolutely their responsibility – then could PPAA get contractors to clear that section and to fit a lock to our cover so that the one in the park – which is not on any track or path – would blow instead?

    I have literally no idea as to what that might cost however. I suspect far too much.


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