Committee Working Group Minutes 11 07 22

Minutes for PPAA Working Group held on 11 July 2022 at 19:00 by Zoom

Present: Phillip Reardon (Site Rep), Wendy Gunter (Treasurer), Richard Masterman (Chair), Jenny Howell, Sue Jones, Jon Townley, Dan Phillips, 

Apologies:  Alan Coombs, Martin Pasek.


  • Richard advised that a number of issues had arisen which warranted a dedicated working group to separately consider outside the normal framework for committee meetings.


  • The Committee are aware that the PPAA Constitution as it stands is out of date and contains references which are no longer appropriate and an overhaul should be considered.
  • Any changes to the Constitution must be accepted by Cardiff Council and also by a vote of plot holders at a special or annual general meeting.
  • To avoid any misinterpretation a note has been included on the website to explain that amendments are being considered for future implementation.
  • With this in mind the group agreed that the original Constitution would remain in place unaltered whilst revisions are drafted for consideration by the Committee and submission to the Council in readiness for discussion and vote by plot holders at the AGM 2023.
  • The working group will report to the Committee and reconvene in due course to assess progress.


  • In a similar manner the website also requires an update to make it more relevant to current plot holders.
  • A committee helper has undertaken a few obvious alterations and the working group will provide further suggestions for inclusion and consideration by the Committee.

General Information for Plot Holders

  • The document on the website will be amended to be in line with the Constitution 


Maintenance of Plots

  • The Committee are fully cognisant that a number of plots are badly overgrown and can be a source of great irritation to adjacent plot holders not to mention the huge list of people waiting for a plot who otherwise might be more productive.
  • Phil explained that official process of Clear or Quit notices managed by the Council had got back to a slow start following the Covid enforced moratorium and a number of notices were with the Council awaiting execution.
  • There was lots of discussion regarding what if anything the Committee can do to improve the site situation with the following plan:
  1. Site inspections will continue and a schedule of plots of interest and status will be produced for regular review by the Committee. 
  2. The Committee will be considering ways to follow up poorly tended plots with the associated plot holder in advance of the formal Clear or Quit procedure.


  • Wendy confirmed the grant had now been received.
  • The simplified method for paying for the website is now in place,
  • Wendy highlighted the requirement for the return of the key deposit from leaving plot holders and the collection from new.

Hedge and Verge Trimming

  • Plot holders are to be reminded that they are responsible for maintaining the dividing path between plots and also their part of the verge to a site road.
  • Some careful hedge trimming has been carried out by a committee member with emphasis on minimising any interference to wildlife.

Exposed Drainage Chamber on Road 3

  • The lid has been recovered and reinstalled by a committee member.    

Any Other Business

  • None. 
  • Actions from this working group and the previous committee meeting will be discussed at the next committee meeting.

Date of Next Committee Meeting

  • Revised to Tuesday 09 August 2022 at 19:00 by Zoom.

1 thought on “Committee Working Group Minutes 11 07 22”

  1. Zoom has enabled the committee to stay engaged during the last couple of years, and it may now be time to revert to face on meetings or some combination with Zoom. I’ve got it as an agenda item for the upcoming meeting, but if there is any specific issue any plot holder would like to discuss, then let me know, and I’ll make sure it’s addressed.


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