2022 AGM Minutes

Pontcanna Permanent Allotment Association

Minutes for Annual General Meeting held on 24 April 2022



Richard Masterman (Chair 9), Wendy Gunter (Treasurer 113b), Sue Jones (122b), Dan Phillips (124b), Jenny Howells (128)

Plot holders:

Roger Benson (127b), Roger Phillips (60), Sue Waring (60), Tim Llewellyn (8), Alan Coombs (5/48a), Dick Waters (103b), Jane Davies-Williams (88/89), Reg Matthews (), Graham ?? (70), Jana Herak (65)

Apologies for absence:

Phillip Reardon (Site Representative), Jon Townley, Simon and Liz Coombs

Chair’s Welcome and Introduction

Richard welcomed all to the AGM which is the first face to face meeting for some while. He explained that allotment committee meetings had continued through the Covid restrictions via Zoom and he thanked his fellow committee members for their interest and enthusiasm in keeping PPA running well and one of Cardiff’s best sites.

Site Representative’s Report

Phillip had tendered his apologies for not being able to attend and had provided a written report, as follows, which Richard read out:

Letting of Plots – At the start of the covid19 restrictions, the Council placed a moratorium on all letting of plots, and on the issuing of Clean or Quit notices. This meant that we had several plots that had become overgrown due to the holder’s sheltering and non-attendance, there was understandably no action taken.  At the tail end of last year, the council allowed us to start to let plots and to start to issue notices.  Currently we have around 15 notices in the pipeline and will be taking further action on these when advised to do so by the council.  I’m pleased to report that in March we had no available plots to let following the letting of several plots.  Unfortunately, since then, we have had approximately 20 tenants give up their plots due to multiple reasons. I will be looking at letting these over the next few weeks.  

The waiting list is currently closed for our site with 127 people on it.  

I’m also pleased to report that we have now got a regular delivery of both horse manure and wood chips. These were stopped by the council during covid to allow them to deploy their resources elsewhere.  

The council have recently reissued the application for placing any structures on an allotment.  This will be emailed out to all plot holder within the next few weeks.  No structure (Sheds, Greenhouses etc) can be placed on a plot without this application being completed and approved.

I would like to place on record my thanks to the Committee and Chair for all their hard work over the past year. 

A few points were raised and discussed:

  • Unattended and overgrown plots cause a significant nuisance to adjacent plot holders. It was noted that Clean or Quit orders had only recently been reintroduced and that currently approximately 15 were under consideration. These are to be progressed.
  • Clarification on the Council’s revised procedure for requesting a structure was requested. It was noted that the revised application form would be issued shortly.

Treasurer’s Report

Wendy circulated a financial report for the year explaining that not much significant expenditure had taken place except for the improvements to two site roads which had deteriorated badly.

Plot holders who purchase items from the shop via bank transfer must enter ”shop” in the bank reference.

No queries or questions were raised and the report was accepted.

Election/Appointment of Officers and Committee Members

Two plot holders expressed their interest in joining the committee which is very welcome.

There were no adjustments to the current set up and all officers and general committee members were proposed and seconded as follows:

Site representative Phillip Reardon

Chair Richard Masterman

Treasurer Wendy Gunter

General Sue Jones, Jenny Howells, Dan Phillips, Jon Townley and Alan Coombs

Any Other Business

Several issues were raised and discussed:

  • Recent storm/tree damage and condition of boundary walls is of concern for security and safety reasons. This is a Council issued. PPAA have no responsibility.
  • Council maintenance of large perimeter trees which overhang plots causing safety concerns. No report regarding the survey the Council stated would be commissioned has been received.
  • Council removal of the obviously dead off-site tree behind the poly tunnel and adjacent plots.
  • Fly tipping of off-site waste materials

These items were noted for follow up and further review at future committee meetings.

The provision of an annual or twice annual skip for plot holders to dispose of bulky waste like paving slabs, damaged glass from greenhouses/cold frames etc and rotten wooden pallets was discussed. It was generally agreed that this would be overall benefit despite the risk that it might allow off-site material to appear. It is regularly noted in Committee Meeting Minutes that such an activity would be a breach of plot holder agreement with the Council and could result in termination of the rental agreement.

Two water tanks have reported leaks. These will be remedied.

The blocked culvert under Road 3 by the old club house which regularly backs up and deposits silt on the road has been looked at by the Council who are undertaking some work. The last update from the Allotment Officer was that work would continue through April although detail of the proposed works and progress is not available.

Following the good work of Ian Douglas in repairing the storm damaged poly tunnel, Dan and Jenny are coordinating a reorganisation of the internal layout. Dan suggested that the plant sale could resume again this year but possibly on a reduced scale. Further details to be provided. 

The poor trimming of hedges carried out by an unknown contractor was noted. This had been done without prior notification when some direction could have been provided to reduce the impact on the habitat for nesting birds. It was suggested that a recent change of personnel at Parks Department might facilitate better communication in the future regarding hedge management.

A plot holder asked if assistance could be provided with some work to a fruit cage she could not manage. There are no formal arrangements and it was suggested that the good nature of fellow plot holders could be prevailed upon.

No further items to discuss and the meeting closed at 11:48

3 thoughts on “2022 AGM Minutes”

  1. Hi Claire,

    The Council cut the hedge from time to time, but there is no information nor communication with PPAA about when or how it should be cut, unfortunately.

    Unpaid volunteers from PPAA Committee also cut it when time and energy allow. We have a quiet, battery-operated cutter which does not cause too much distress to nesting birds.

    The main problem area is where the hedge is composed of fast-growing things like sycamore and hawthorn. The beech is not so bad.

    All volunteer effort is very welcome, and if any plot holder should have the time to help with this then I can assure you that it will be gratefully received.


  2. When is the hedgerow and verge going to be cut right back? reason being car owners driving right into my gate. I certainly don’t come up to my allotment to fix the damage mindless car owners create.


  3. The dead tree by the boundary wall is much used by birds. Please note and respect!
    Nesting season is March to September and trees, hedges and undergrowth should not be disturbed during that time


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