Committee Meeting 05 04 2022

Minutes for PPAA Committee Meeting held on 05 April 2022 at 19:00 by Zoom

Present: Wendy Gunter (Treasurer), Richard Masterman (Chair), Jenny Howell, Dan Phillips,
Phil Reardon (Site Representative)
Apologies: Sue Jones, Martin Pasek

Previous Minutes:

 Items from previous meeting to be addressed as agenda items

Chair Report

 Overflowing culvert: An email has been received from the Allotment Officer stating
that initial cctv and jetting should commence during April 2022.

Site Representative’s Report:

 Council supplied water butts have been received although in a disjointed fashion.
Matching stands are awaited. The Council state that these are to be retained on site
although the Committee have not taken any responsibility in this respect.
 The Community Gardens are continuing to be plagued by theft and unauthorised
access. All plot holders are urged to be vigilant with regard to securing entry gates at
all times. The committee noted that unfortunately the Association is unable to secure
the site boundaries.
 Phil noted that revised Council procedures now require all new structures on plots
must have prior written consent from Cardiff Parks Dept. This includes greenhouses,
sheds and the like. Pre-existing structures can remain.

Treasurer’s report

 To assist with audit procedures, Wendy again requested plot holders to indicate on
bank transfers their plot number and purpose for all payments. Eg: subs, shop
 Wendy confirmed that audit information is being prepared.

Any Other Business

 Richard reported that batches of the seed potatoes have been sold but further stock
is still available. Plot holders to email their requirements to:
 Fly tipping remains a problem with rubble and other clearly non-site materials being
brought to site and left.
 Plot holders are requested to report to the Council any incident so inspection and
possible identification of source can be carried out for police or disciplinary action.

 It was noted that in previous years that minutes of committee meetings had been
made available directly to individual plot holders but complications with the set up of
MailChimp and the WordPress website brought it in to disuse. Phil has instigated
rationalisation and improvement so that the procedure can be more readily
 Dan reported good progress with tidying the poly tunnel and a skip would now be
useful for the removal of unwanted material. Richard to contact the Council to
arrange. 12 April was agreed as a clear out date. Also to look in to a second skip for 24
April 2022 at the top car park to facilitate a general site litter pick and tidy up. This
would provide plot holders with a one-off opportunity to remove storm damaged and
unwanted materials. Plot holders are reminded that bringing rubbish from off-site
would be a breach of their agreement with the Council.
 The date for the AGM was fixed as 11:00 Sunday 24 April 2022 to be held at/in the
poly tunnel. An agenda will be issued nearer the time. All plot holders are reminded
that volunteers for the committee are welcome and if anyone fancies a go at any
position or the general support roles, they should contact Phil Reardon.

 Next meeting

AGM 11:00 Sunday 24 April 2022 at the poly tunnel
Committee 19:00 Tuesday 07 June 2022
 Meeting closed at 20:10

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  1. Thank you Paul for your very valid question, as this information had not been given on the website.

    We have now amended the relevant page accordingly.

    Sincere apologies for the late reply – since taking over admin on this site there has been a lot of catching up to do, and we have only just got round to reviewing past comments.

    PPA Website Team.


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