Minutes of Pontcanna Permanent Allotment Association – 1 October 2019

Present: Sue Jones (Site Secretary), Jenny Howell (Chair), Wendy Gunter (Treasurer), Richard Masterman, Alex Brown, Martin Pasek (Operational Support) Apologies: Dan Phillips, Ian Douglas. General attendees: None.

Minutes of previous meeting and matters arising – Jenny.

Site Secretary’s report. Sue reported that there were three non-renewals of tenancy and that thirteen Pre-Clean Or Quit and six Clean Or Quit notices had been issued. She had also accompanied the Council’s Allotment’s Officer on a site visit, who agreed with the Site Secretary’s reports.

Important: Sue urges any tenant who is considering giving up their holding to let her know, and to do this on a voluntary basis. This means that they can then re-apply for tenancy if and when that once again becomes feasible for them. Once a tenant has been served notice to quit on the other hand, the Council may not again consider them for any site in Cardiff, should they re-apply.

Sue pointed out the problem with the overflowing culvert to the Officer, who said that the Council did not have the funds to call in contractors again. It was proposed that PPAA hire an inspection to establish the location and extent of the problem.

The flooding from the recent exceptional rains has left the central car park covered in a film of very slippery mud. Plot holders are advised to be very careful.

Raised Agenda Items – Jenny.

Brick cubicles restoration – Wendy. Wendy said that builders had looked at the job, but there were problems, in that no one seemed to want to remove the asbestos roofs, and that the doors are a none-standard size.

Sue knows a contractor who specialises in asbestos removal. It was proposed to clear the site completely of it, and to approach the restoration job afresh after that. AP Sue.

The Committee thanked Wendy for her work.

Website – Alex. The Committee were pleased to see Alex at the meeting, now that the other demands on his time had eased. Alex apologised for the delay in posting minutes etc. on the website of late, and said that he was happy to continue as an administrator of the site, but agreed that it would be beneficial if there were others also in a position to do this. Alex and Jenny agreed to arrange between themselves the tuition to enable her to do this. AP Alex, Jenny.

Ease of location of reference documents on the website was raised as an issue, and Alex said that he would look at this. AP Alex.

Alex also invites any plot holder, who has an interest in photography, to offer attractive, seasonal images of the allotments site, for incorporation into the website, so as to improve its artistic and visual aspects.

Any Other Business

Compost Heaps – Wendy. Wendy noted that these were getting large and out of hand.

Richard proposed that as a digger and truck would be hired to clear the land behind the poly tunnel, that would also be the time to remove the compost heaps and other piles of material encumbering the site. AP Richard.

The various uses to which the resulting space could be put were discussed. Sue suggested returning it to a leasable plot and this was welcomed, not least because it would not require Committee maintenance thereafter.

There was no further business and the meeting ended at 2002.

The next PPAA meeting will be on Tuesday, 5th November, at the Butcher’s Arms, Canton, at 1800. (Please note the earlier time).

1 thought on “Minutes of Pontcanna Permanent Allotment Association – 1 October 2019”

  1. The Committee, and its helpers such as me, are all unpaid volunteers, with other demands on our time, so the level of service that we offer can’t be what might reasonably be expected of paid public officials, although we all do our level best.

    So if any plot holder has important information regarding their allotment for the Site Secretary, then I would recommend that they make sure that the Site Secretary herself is the person whom they inform.

    If they should tell any of the rest of us, then it’s possible that we might overlook to pass on their message to the Site Secretary, and that there could be an untoward outcome.


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