Minutes of Pontcanna Permanent Allotment Association – 3 April 2019

Present: Sue Jones (Site Secretary), Jenny Howell (Chair), Wendy Gunter (Treasurer), Ray Edwards, Martin Pasek (Operational Support) Apologies: Ian Douglas, Alex Brown, Richard Masterman, Dan Phillips. General attendees: None.

Minutes of previous meeting and matters arising – Jenny.

Site Secretary’s report. Sue reported that there are no new plot holders. There are two empty plots and the waiting list stands at about eighty-five. However, there remain outstanding issues with the vacant plots, which prevent reletting at the moment.

She confirmed that the plot, over which access would be required for a digger to the land behind the poly tunnel, is vacant and so there would be no issue.

Unfortunately, the plot holder injured in a road accident is still unable to manage her plot. However, Monica Nobrega has very kindly offered once more to look after her plot in the meantime. The Committee offer their heartfelt thanks to Monica.

Sue said that the water had been turned on two weeks early, as a result mainly of the extraordinary weather in February.

Sadly, a plot holder reports yet another incidence of theft, after a break in to their shed.

The Committee remind all, to maintain their awareness for irregular activity, and as ever, please, to lock the gate immediately after use on every occasion.

Raised Agenda Items – Jenny.

Communal compost heaps. The Committee recognise that unfortunately, there is insufficient volunteer effort available to continue to offer this facility. There was a discussion, as to how to deal with the removal of the existing heaps, and to prevent further dumping of waste by plot holders. Notices, encouraging the use of the existing compost for plot levelling and raising etc. were proposed, and also those reminding people not to dump further material, but to compost it on their own plots, or to remove it from site. An action day for volunteers, on a Saturday, was agreed in principle.

With regret, the Committee ask plot holders to add no further material to the heaps, but warmly encourage them to take as much mature compost as possible, for raised beds, for levelling, or for any other purpose. [Update: please note that this arrangement has been discontinued at all locations on site in accordance with Council rules, and PPAA intend to remove all remaining compost in due course. Would all plot holders please deal with composting on their own plots or remove it from site as our Rules Of Tenancy require – thanks] 

Email from Ian – shop. Ian says that he and Richard have started work cleaning, clearing and painting. He also proposed the sale of surplus stock at the same time as the Plant Sale, May 4th. That was agreed as a good idea. The Committee warmly thank Ian and Richard for their work.

Any Other Business

Owl boxes – Sue. Sue reported that the second owl box has been installed. Thanks again to Richard.

There was no further business, and the meeting ended at 1928.

The next PPAA meeting will be on Wednesday, 1st May, at the Butcher’s Arms, Canton, at 1900.

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