Minutes of Pontcanna Permanent Allotment Association – 6 March 2019

Present: Sue Jones (Site Secretary), Jenny Howell (Chair), Wendy Gunter (Treasurer), Alex Brown, Richard Masterman, Ray Edwards, Martin Pasek (Operational Support) Apologies: Ian Douglas, Dan Phillips. General attendees: None.

Minutes of previous meeting and matters arising – Jenny.

Site Secretary’s report. Sue reported that there are three new plot holders. There are two empty plots and the waiting list stands at about sixty-five

The Committee warmly welcome the new tenants.

Sue said that the northern gate has been found left open on more than one occasion.

Please lock the gate on every occasion after use. There is little point in the Committee taking any measures to prevent theft by trespassers etc., so long as the occasional plot holder does this.

Sue has received a complaint, from those engaged in collecting litter from the adjoining parkland. They report rubbish being thrown over the allotments fences, walls, and hedges, into the parks. There is no doubt in their minds that it is plot holders doing this, as the litter consisted in part of old gardening sundries. They will now be very vigilant in their efforts to identify the offenders.

Clearly, anyone doing this is very likely to lose their tenancy, and also to face prosecution. The Committee asks all plot holders to look out for anyone doing this too. If this becomes a serious problem for the Council, then it undermines the case for the continuation of the whole site as allotments.

Sue noted that manure is being deposited on the hard standing by the old club house. It appears that a plot holder may have asked the delivery contractors to do this.

The Committee are minded to leave plot holders near to that standing to decide between themselves, whether they want a clean car park, or for it to be occupied by such deliveries at least in part. For the meantime, however, it is not proposed to expend further precious volunteer effort in cleaning the area as a car park. The resolved position is, however, that there are only two places to which manure is delivered, being the pens at either end of the site in the main car parks there.

Raised Agenda Items – Jenny.

PPAA subscriptions reminder – Wendy. Wendy reminds those whom it concerns, that subscriptions for 2019 continue to be outstanding from many plot holders, and she encourages them to pay as soon as possible, very preferably by BACS. It was proposed to advertise this facility prominently on the website. AP Alex.

These subscriptions entitle the member to use the manure, and also help to pay for insurance etc.

Shop – email from Ian. Richard has prepared a detailed list of jobs which need to be undertaken by the volunteers for the proposed shop operation. He has also costed some of the envisaged expenditure. All except the PV lighting was approved, pending approval as per Richard’s list.

The list and schedule are shown after these Minutes. All volunteers are warmly invited to come and help on the weekend of 30th/31st March, from 1000 onwards. If you are able to assist then please do!

Land restoration behind poly tunnel – email from Ian. Sue said that digger access needs to be resolved. She awaits confirmation that access over an adjoining plot would be feasible. AP Sue.

Plant sale – email from Ian. The sale has been fixed for Saturday, May 4th.

AGM 2019 – Jenny. Jenny proposed that the AGM take place on Sunday, May 5th at 11AM, the day after the plant sale, and that residual plants could also be sold then. This was carried.

Bees – Sue. Sue has received a request from a plot holder to install a bee hive on a plot. The Council have a process for this. They list plot size, relevant safety, and bee management courses being attended and certificated as among their conditions. Only when all the Council requirements have been satisfied may a bee hive be installed. In this instance however, the plot was too small to meet those requirements.

It is timely to remind all plot holders, that flowering plants are encouraged to be planted on plots too, to attract these and other beneficial pollinators whether wild or kept.

Alex has offered to publicise this on the website, and Ray to list suitable subjects. AP Alex, Ray.

Any Other Business

Rats etc. – Sue. The problem with rodents was discussed.

Plot holders are reminded that if they have such a problem and require help, then it is for them to contact the Council themselves. Under no circumstances must they enter on to other plots to place bait or traps. Guidance and contact information is on the website, and the standing notices will be renewed on the boards. AP Alex, Martin.

Locks on notice boards – Sue. New locks are being fitted, which will prevent time-wasting from the wind’s blowing away notices etc.

Documentation for maintenance and for sale of power tools etc. – Richard. Richard produced these receipts etc., and handed them to the Treasurer.

There was no further business, and the meeting ended at 2002.

The next PPAA meeting will be on Wednesday, 3rd April, at the Butcher’s Arms, Canton, at 1900.

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