Minutes of Pontcanna Permanent Allotment Association – 9 January 2019

Present: Sue Jones (Site Secretary), Jenny Howell (Chair), Wendy Gunter (Treasurer) Ian Douglas, Ray Edwards, Martin Pasek (Operational Support) Apologies: Alex Brown, Richard Masterman, Dan Phillips. General attendees: None.

Minutes of previous meeting and matters arising – Jenny.

Litter pick – Ray. Ray reported that this had been a successful day. However, he was disappointed to note, that much of the rubbish on the park side of the fence was clearly allotment waste, and had obviously been thrown over the fence by plot holders.

Plot holders are reminded that such actions are grossly in breach of their terms of tenancy, as well as being offences under general law. They also weaken the case for the continuation of the whole site as allotments. Accordingly, the Committee take a very serious view of them. Please remove all unwanted materials from site completely, for disposal at a municipal waste facility.

The Committee heartily thank Ray, Dave King, Ian and Richard for their efforts on the day.

Communal compost heaps – Ian. Ian said that he and Dave King would be doing some tidying work soon. AP Ian. [Update: please note that this arrangement has been discontinued in accordance with Council rules, and PPAA intend to remove all remaining compost in due course. Would all plot holders please deal with composting on their own plots or remove it from site as our Rules Of Tenancy require – thanks] 

Site plan – Ian. Ian said that his needed updating – and assumed that the rest were similar – particularly as to split plots. Sue to assist. AP Sue, Ian.

Poly tunnel – Sue. Sue said that the bed allocations had been made. Ian pointed out that there was a spare bed, and proposed to use it to grow seed crops for the sale to plotholders. That was supported.

Site Secretary’s report. Sue reminded the Committee that PPAA subs, £5, are now due. Ian proposed reminder notices at the manure pens. Martin offered to laminate those. AP Martin.

Plot holders are encouraged to pay their subs by direct debit.

PPAA BANK DETAILS: Important. Please quote your plot number in the reference (sometimes “comment”.)

account number: 02568231

sort code: 309894

Alternatively, cash may be handed to a Committee member, or posted through Sue’s letterbox. Don’t forget your plot number!

New Agenda Items – Jenny.

Shop – Ian. Ian said that between the Committee and general plot holders, there were about six volunteers willing to share the running of a shop operation. On that basis, he suggested that the idea was viable, and he proposed that by the next meeting there would be a paper, of firm proposals, on which, it is to be hoped, the full Committee could vote. AP Ian et al.

AGM 2019 – Jenny. Jenny reminded the Committee that the AGM was now not that far off, and invited members to consider items for its agenda.

Any Other Business

Plot inspections – Sue. Sue said that she would recommence plot inspections, for abandoned or neglected plots etc. in the early spring.

Plant sale sowings – Ian. Ian said that he would soon be sowing for the spring plant sale.

Any plot holder, who has a particular preference or suggestion, as to what subjects they would like, is cordially invited by Ian to pass on that helpful information to him. Please email: ian

Water trough clean-outs – Ray. Ray suggested, that the remaining time that the water supply was turned off would be the only opportunity to clean out the troughs for some time. A dedicated day in February was provisionally agreed. AP all.

General volunteers are invited to inspect the troughs nearby, and any help that they might give in cleaning them would be very gratefully received by the Committee, as were their fine efforts in 2018.

Ray also proposed encouraging plot holders to participate in the RSPB’s Big Garden Birdwatch – re birds on their plots – and suggested that if Alex were able, then further publicity be given on the website.

Click here for more details: RSPB Big Garden Birdwatch

There was no further business, and the meeting ended at 1947. The next meeting will again be at the Butcher’s Arms Canton, on Wednesday 05/02/2019, at 1900.

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