Minutes of Pontcanna Permanent Allotment Association – 7 November 2018

Minutes for PPAA Committee meeting, 7th November at Butchers Arms, Canton

Present: Jenny Howell (Chair), Wendy Gunter (Treasurer), Richard Masterman, Ray Edwards

Apologies: Sue Jones (Site Secretary), Daniel Phillips, Ian Douglas, Martin Pasek

1. Installation of owl boxes

Richard and Ian have fixed one box to a tree and will do the other one soon. They were able to do this themselves saving £250 on installation costs. Many thanks to Ian and Richard for this work.

2. Shop

We briefly discussed the various issues around the shop, including volunteers, building work, stock etc. We agreed that it would be useful to have a T&F (Task and Finish) group to meet separately and report back to the committee with proposals. AP Ray, Richard, Ian

3. Tools

Richard reported that two strimmers and one rotovator are renovated. They will be available to loan out to plotholders once risk assessment and insurance issues are resolved. It is thought that Sue may already have looked into this, so we will wait to hear her views before taking the matter further. One rotovator was not possible to renovate and will be scrapped/used for spares. Other tools considered inappropriate for the Committee to hire out (including chainsaws) may be sold. Richard will prepare a list to accompany future minutes when ready. AP Richard

4. Litterpick

Ray has organised a litter pick on Saturday 17th November at 10.30 – 12.30. Bags and pickers will be supplied by Dave King (Cardiff Rivers Group) for the occasion. Meet by the shop. AP Ray

5. Communal compost bins

Wendy raised this issue because the bins are overflowing on to the adjacent paths, and also full of rubbish being dumped by inconsiderate people, including plant pots, plastic netting, old pallets, broken tools and pernicious weeds. Plotholders are requested to STOP using these bins for the time being until we decide what action to take.

6. Hedgehogs

Hedgehogs should be in hibernation, but the warm weather means they are still around. Wendy explained that she has followed online instructions to create a ramp so that hedgehogs who fall in ponds can get back out. Instructions are attached to these minutes in case plotholders want to follow her example. AP Ray

7. Site plan

Richard said that the site plan is now out of date. He proposes to update it. Ray suggested we arrange a site walk about in December/January. AP Richard, Ray

8. Date of next meeting

5th December at 7pm, Butchers Arms, Canton. Meeting finished 18.55

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