Minutes of Pontcanna Permanent Allotments Association – 7 February 2017

Present: Tim Llewellyn; Dave King; Ray Edwards; Sue Jones; Martin Pasek; Alex Brown; Gary Reed; Hannah Ahmed (RCG); Gordon Clark (RCG). Apologies: Dan Phillips; Chris Springall.

Secretary’s duties. Sue, as lettings officer, will let us know which areas on site that need to checked. She has let 7 new plots recently – 10a, 44, 52a, 101a/b, 111b & 113b. This item will remain as a standing agenda item until further notice (AP Sue/all).

Car park. Martin will investigate the level of mud on top of the underlying tarmac (if any) in the top car park, before we consider asking the Council for assistance with improvements. (AP Martin).

Website. Our new website is now live, pontcannapaa.com. Alex is managing it and has started to put information on e.g., the recent manure delivery. Hannah has prepared a note about the RCG for inclusion; Alex is trying to get Celia’s agreement to include certain forms e.g., termination notices; Ray suggested we include details of Sunday fun runs as parking is affected; new plot holder information, if they agree; CAHA minutes; Tim to prepare a note about PPAA subs which are now due; committee members to send Alex photos to update the committee page. (AP Tim/all).

Plot numbering. Gary will prepare the plot numbers for Dave and Ray to display them on their areas of responsibility. (AP Gary/Ray/Dave).

Storage. Dave has sourced free of charge a 20ft by 7ft container which can be delivered to us, also free of charge. The site for it has been cleared in the shop car park, and Dave hopes to take delivery sometime next week. We could then consider purchase of a petrol shredder. (AP Dave).

Hedge. Concern was expressed about the recent severe hedge cut carried out by the Council. Dave and Tim met Will from Council Parks Dept last week and explained why the cut was too low; he agreed that in future it would be cut to 7 feet for better security. Dave also hopes to fill gaps with whips of blackthorn, hawthorn, hazel, etc. The Council also offered to rotivate newly cleared plots for us.

LMA/ Insurance. Agreement has now been reached with the Council about our 2016/17 grant and the full amount due has been paid into our account.

Resource Planning. Dave produced a plan of how we are going to use our finances over the next few years to show the Council that we have recognised what needs to be done on site, and plan to pay for it. The first job we’ll look at is clearing the debris behind the poly tunnel, which needs a mini digger. Dave has contact details and will investigate costs. The surplus wood chip near the shop could go there. (AP Dave).

Riverside Community Garden. Hannah and Gordon represented RCG to emphasise their willingness to work more closely with PPAA.

Polytunnel. Ian has started sowing seeds for the spring plant sale, and asked for any spare seed trays and pots which he can use to be left outside the poly tunnel. Sue has prepared a note for display which will offer access to spare raised beds in the poly tunnel, to plot holders, which Alex will put on the website. (AP Ian/Sue).

Asbestos. Sue will contact Celia to ask if we can arrange for all asbestos to be removed from site, as Dave can access suitable roofing materials to upgrade the brick sheds (AP Sue).

Tidy Up. Sue will get quotes for removing large items from the site. (AP Sue).

Taff Tidy. All those interested, we are meeting 10.30 at the top car park on Sunday 19 February.

Date of next meeting – Tuesday 7 March, Butchers Arms, Canton.

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