Perimeter wall reconstruction.

The maintenance of security fencing, walls etc., is, under the Local Management Agreement the Council’s responsibility. However, despite reminders from PPAA, owing to funding shortages, backlogs etc., this work has now been outstanding for some time.

Therefore PPAA intend shortly to use the services of an artisan waller to rebuild part of the wall with Llandaff Fields, where a quite large tree had fallen and damaged it.

It’s expected that all of the loose stone lying near to the wall will be required for this work.

However, PPAA Committee are aware that at least one plot holder had removed some of this stone to decorate a pond, and they’ve now been asked to be so kind as to replace it, though so far to our knowledge that has not yet happened. It’s understandable to a degree that someone could mistakenly believe that the stone isn’t needed, but that’s very much not the case, so could everyone please kindly not touch any of it – thanks all.

For the sake of avoiding any misunderstanding – engendered by inaccurate hearsay – we would clarify that no one has been told by anyone that they cannot have a pond – quite the contrary – they are very welcome for the wildlife that they support and for their pleasant appearance.

Another related matter is that there’s a temporary pile of plant matter – removed during plot clearance by PPAA volunteers – adjacent to the wall close by. Its removal and treatment involves significant expense and effort, and so all are reminded that we’re required to compost on our own plots or to remove from site our own such material, and that adding it to the said pile or to others would simply be fly tipping on Council property.

PPAA Committee

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