Minutes for PPAA Committee Meeting held on 28th November 2022 at 19:00 by Zoom

Present:  Richard Masterman (Chair), Sue Jones, Dan Philips, Alan Coombs, Wendy Gunter (Treasurer)

Apologies: Jenny Howells

Previous Minutes:

Matters arising from Committee meeting 12th October 2022 to be addressed as agenda items

Chair Report

Richard stated that he had re-read the meeting notes from 30th August, 15th September and 12th October to confirm all items have been previously covered and were being followed up with agenda items.

Site Representative 


Minutes from the Site Reps meeting held on 9th November are awaited. 


Covered in AoB.

Treasurer’s report

Wendy reported that accounts are in order and requested details of any expenditure for inclusion.

Agenda Items


Dan reported that material costs to provide up to 7 No. new grow beds would be of the order of £400 to £500 plus any additional top soil that might be required.

It has been agreed that the tenancy period would run from 2nd Feb to 1st Feb the following year and the draw would, if necessary, be arranged in two parts to cover existing grow beds and new grow beds. 

Dan agreed to a draft site notice requesting expressions of interest for inclusion in the draw for a grow bed which is open to all paid up PPAA members. The work to construct 7 No. new beds will be planned for February 2023 and it is hoped that interested parties will volunteer to assist. 

Sue stressed that it is important to emphasise that the work is part of a plan to improve site wide facilities.

It was agreed that Dan and Richard would investigate the buried content of the large heaps of vegetation to see if any useful compost could be recovered for the new grow beds. 

Overgrown Plots

The committee had over the summer followed up Council procedures for badly attended plots and Pre-Notice letters/emails had been sent to the associated plot holders. Follow up inspections happily have shown improvements to many although the Council will be issuing notice of terminations in isolated cases. In these instances, there would follow a period during which the affected plot holder can appeal.

Sue stated that these matters are now the responsibility of the Council.

The Committee agreed to carry out further inspections periodically starting in February 2023 prior to which site notices will be posted. Sue agreed to draft.

Clearance of Void Plots

Dan will shortly be meeting with Keith to agree a timetable for final works which will enable Sue to commence re-letting and occupation.

Plot Letting and Viewing

Dan and Richard will commence removal of the irrigation tanks on Plot 29 which will enable Sue to commence reletting.

There are a couple of plots awaiting clearance on completion of which they will be relet.


Sue’s persistence had resulted in the Council transferring manure from the stables, although she had not been advised it would take place. This may have been a one-off occurrence and did not guarantee future deliveries. 

Communication Sub-Group

Further update next meeting

Any Other Business

The trolley is in poor state of repair and needs an overhaul. Richard to investigate.

Sue reported that several of the unmade vehicular side tracks between plots are rough and uneven. Each track has a hard-core sub-base which could be exposed and restored to provide a more uniform surface. Richard would obtain a day-rate for contractors previously used and report next meeting.

Date of next meeting

7th February 2023 on site or Zoom.

2 thoughts on “Minutes for PPAA Committee Meeting held on 28th November 2022 at 19:00 by Zoom”

  1. Had numerous enquiries regarding your meetings, plotholders would like a date for when you are reverting back to on site meetings. If on the day the weather is not in our favour we can always use the polytunnel.


    1. Only AGMs have generally been on site, Claire. Ordinary, monthly Committee meetings have been at an indoor, publicly-accessible venue, which is detailed at the end of the previous minutes. During lockdown – when such venues were closed – there was the odd one on site however.

      Lockdown also necessitated the use of Zoom, and this has enabled the presence of members who might otherwise have been unable to participate on quite a number of occasions.

      The Committee have had no email enquiries of the nature that you describe, but nevertheless the matter of the timing of reversion to custom is under consideration by them. The Website Team’s understanding is that if any plot holder wishes to join the Zoom meetings, then they can contact the Committee for the log in particulars anyway.

      In general, however, please use the message form to message the Committee on matters such as this which are not part of the post content, thanks.


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