Vehicles on the PPA Site

A couple of incidents recently have shown that it’s perhaps necessary for the Committee to remind plot holders of some points.

Light vehicles are accepted on site, but on the basis of toleration, and on the condition that they cause no problems. There is no absolute right to bring them onto site however.

So far as we can maintain it, a live-and-let-live approach seems to be sensible in this regard.

Normally, drivers should park their vehicles in the customary car parks, and then walk to their plots. There are also a few patches of unused shady land etc., which may be used on an ad hoc basis here and there too.

Sometimes, e.g. for loading and for unloading, people may wish to park next to their plots. This is fine, but please move them so that they are not blocking the tracks as soon as this is completed. If requested by a fellow plot holder to move your vehicle then please do so, without hesitation, as already stated the tracks are not car parks.

The tracks around the site have been there for generations, to allow access on foot for growers, perhaps pushing wheelbarrows, or carrying water. Plot holders do have an absolute right to do this, and vehicles in their way are a nuisance.

These tracks are not in any way the highway, so please give way to pedestrians at all times, and drive with the utmost care, keeping your speed to less than 10 mph being a must.

Plot holders are reminded that if they then choose not to comply with, or respect, the rules of The Pontcanna Permanent Allotment Association, they are at risk of having their tenancy withdrawn.

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