Minutes of Pontcanna Permanent Allotment Association – 11 July 2017

Present: Tim Llewellyn, Sue Jones, Wendy Gunter, Ian Douglas, Alex Brown, Gary Reed. Apologies: Ray Edwards, Dan Phillips, Martin Pasek.

Minutes of June meeting and matters arising – Tim

Site Secretary’s Duties. See AOB report.

Storage unit. Tim is still to hear from Dave King re progress on the eco-friendly roof. AP Tim.

Hedge Cutting. Dave King’s associate (Anthony) is to do this, and a date is to be set. He is also to be asked re suppressing the sycamores overwhelming the hedge. AP Tim.

Treasurer’s hand-over. Wendy is setting up on-line banking. AP Wendy.

Comment from plot holder re Committee and Constitution. It was agreed that a vote to change the Constitution should be held at the next AGM, to make possible better use of the goodwill, and of the abilities, of all of those associated with PPAA. The particulars of that mechanism, and the wording of the envisaged resolution are yet to be discussed in detail.

LMA Grant Year 2017/18-Sue. There has been no news from Celia, but all our information was sent at the end of May. Sue has sent email to ask as to progress. Tim will contact CAHA for help. He will also seek advice on getting the best insurance deal. AP Sue, Tim.

New Items

Financial accountability, spending limits. It was resolved that the Site Secretary can spend no more than £250 per occasion without prior Committee approval, and that other Committee members may spend no more than £20 without consultation. However, they may spend up to £40 with consultation. Receipts are to be produced in all cases.

Polytunnel bed allocation 2018. A draw is to be held in November 2017, on the basis of all the beds being equally available to all PPAA plot holders. The tenures will start from 01 01 2018. AP TBA.


Resignation. Gary Reed is to resign from the Committee, to take a two-year post in China. We thank him cordially for all his work and help, and wish him the very best in his venture.

Site Secretary’s update. We are very pleased to welcome seven new plot holders. There are six extant Clean-Or-Quit notices. The waiting list is now down to thirty-eight.

Two-year programme of works. Further to Ian’s invitation at the AGM, it was envisaged that ideas would have crystallised by the August meeting. Plotholders are reminded that their suggestions are welcomed.

There was no further business, and the next meeting will be at the Butcher’s Arms Canton, on 08/08/2017 at 1900.

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