Car Parking for Allotment Use Only

A fellow plot holder has drawn PPAA Committee’s attention to a parking issue, which has the potential to become very problematic.

A car owned by a plotholder has been regularly arriving in the morning. A younger, presumed family member, is driving. He parks in our car park, then leaves the site and heads to the University across the road. The plotholder has then seen the young man returning a few hours later to collect his car.

His obvious fear, and one that they share, is that our car parking space could be seen as free parking for people working at/attending the University. Keys get cut and more people take advantage of the situation, and eventually we are log jammed with cars not on allotment business.

Therefore PPAA Committee remind people that parking on site is for the use of people on allotment business only. The relevant car number has been taken, and they are aware of the plot holder to whom it belongs. If this indeed is the case, and parking has been used in this manner – as it would appear –  then they trust that this car owner’s family will in future be reasonable and respect the Council rules on this matter.

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