Riverside Community Garden Arson

We are very saddened to hear the news that the Riverside Community Gardens suffered a devastating attack by vandals on 13th March.

Their main shelter has been subject to an arson attack and their other storage containers broken into.

If you feel you may be able to assist in helping the rebuilding process, please keep an eye on the Facebook Page and we will endeavour to post any planned events on this website too.

2 thoughts on “Riverside Community Garden Arson

  1. Martin Pasek says:


    Since I’m not a Committee member, I can perhaps write freely on this matter. I’m not interested in whom you might mean either.

    From what I have seen, you have been treated, by the Committee as a whole, exactly as anyone else would, who had done and said the things that you have on the respective platforms.

    You might have been told matters of simple fact that you do not like, but that is not bullying.

    There is no absolute right to respect in life, I think that you will find, and I never assume it, just as most people do not.

    If one conducts oneself in a way that is worthy of respect, then decent people will generally give it in my experience.

    I hope that this helps.



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