2017 AGM Minutes

Present: Tim Llewellyn; David King; Ian Douglas; Gary Reed; Sue Jones; Martin Pasek; Dan Phillips; Alex Brown; Jane Williams; Monica Nobrega; Roger Phillips; Sue Waring; Nick Morris; Gail Chester; Jana Harak; Dick Waters; Rhiannon Simmonds; plus eight other non-signers including Adrian Walsh and Alan Turner.

Guests: Gareth Holden and Lynn Lewis, Chair and Secretary CAHA.

Apologies: Wendy Gunter; Ray Edwards.

The meeting began at 10:30am.

Chairman’s Welcome. Tim thanked the Committee for all their work over the year. It was generally agreed that the site was looking in better shape than it was a year back. In particular, thanks to Ian Douglas for the plant sale, to Alex Brown for the website, to Sue Jones for plot letting, and to Dave King for Treasurer’s duties.

Treasurer’s report. Dave King handed out an account summary, and reported a healthy balance, with about £10,000 available to spend, not being earmarked. He broke down the “general” heading main items as purchase of Heras fencing for the pens, and tractor hire for clearing the car parks. There were no questions and the accounts were duly accepted. A copy of the report can be found here.

Election of officers. Secretary: Sue Jones was nominated by Tim Llewellyn, seconded by Alex Brown and carried. Treasurer: Wendy Gunter was nominated by Martin Pasek, seconded by Gary Reed and carried. The proposal to return the rest of the Committee was carried. Tim Llewellyn was re-elected as Chair, having been nominated by Dan Phillips and seconded by Gary Reed.

CAHA. Gareth Holden, Chair, and Llyn Lewis, Secretary, both gave interesting and informative speeches about the role of CAHA, and the relationship of sites to it. They reminded us that we are all members. Helpful advice on progressing Local Management was included, and the scope for CAHA taking on more of the Council’s present responsibilities was outlined. On July 29th there is to be a celebration for all Cardiff allotment holders. It will be a “safari supper” and barbecue, venue TBA. On July 16th there is to be an Open Day at Rhyd y Pennau, an Open Gardens Society site. All are welcome.

AOB. Ian Douglas urged all plotholders to come to the Committee with any ideas for improvements or requests that might come to them at any time.

Dick Waters asked, re the Local Management Agreement, whether PPAA was aiming to become totally self-managed. CAHA pointed out that at the present level (two) there is no responsibility for water infrastructure.

Dick also asked, in relation to CAHA’s proposed increase in responsibility for themselves, what would happen to title to the land in the various sites. We understood from Gareth, that the Council would retain the freehold, even if, say, subject to a lease in CAHA’s favour.

It was agreed that these were all matters for further discussion.

We were informed that CAHA is now incorporated, as a legal entity, with Limited Liability, which enables clarity in undertakings with the Council.

Adrian Walsh asked why CAHA wanted to take more control. The response was that there was some dissatisfaction with the Council’s handling of allotments, and that CAHA want to be a body to support all allotments in Cardiff, to protect the vulnerable ones, and to have better control of funding.

Tim thanked CAHA for attending.

Adrian asked why the Western Avenue gate was being closed on a Sunday morning, when the shop was open. The Committee re-iterated its position, which is stated on the PPAA website, in the notices on both notice boards, and on the signs on the gates. That is, that in the interests of site security, and in accordance with the terms of tenancy, no gate is ever left unlocked unattended.

There was no further business and the meeting closed at 11:10am.

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