Committee Minutes

2022 AGM Minutes 

Pontcanna Permanent Allotment Association

Minutes for Annual General Meeting held on 24 April 2022



Richard Masterman (Chair 9), Wendy Gunter (Treasurer 113b), Sue Jones (122b), Dan Phillips (124b), Jenny Howells (128)

Plot holders:

Roger Benson (127b), Roger Phillips (60), Sue Waring (60), Tim Llewellyn (8), Alan Coombs (5/48a), Dick Waters (103b), Jane Davies-Williams (88/89), Reg Matthews (), Graham ?? (70), Jana Herak (65)

Apologies for absence:

Phillip Reardon (Site Representative), Jon Townley, Simon and Liz Coombs

Chair’s Welcome and Introduction

Richard welcomed all to the AGM which is the first face to face meeting for some while. He explained that allotment committee meetings had continued through the Covid restrictions via Zoom and he thanked his fellow committee members for their interest and enthusiasm in keeping PPA running well and one of Cardiff’s best sites.

Site Representative’s Report

Phillip had tendered his apologies for not being able to attend and had provided a written report, as follows, which Richard read out:

Letting of Plots – At the start of the covid19 restrictions, the Council placed a moratorium on all letting of plots, and on the issuing of Clean or Quit notices. This meant that we had several plots that had become overgrown due to the holder’s sheltering and non-attendance, there was understandably no action taken.  At the tail end of last year, the council allowed us to start to let plots and to start to issue notices.  Currently we have around 15 notices in the pipeline and will be taking further action on these when advised to do so by the council.  I’m pleased to report that in March we had no available plots to let following the letting of several plots.  Unfortunately, since then, we have had approximately 20 tenants give up their plots due to multiple reasons. I will be looking at letting these over the next few weeks.  

 The waiting list is currently closed for our site with 127 people on it.  

 I’m also pleased to report that we have now got a regular delivery of both horse manure and wood chips. These were stopped by the council during covid to allow them to deploy their resources elsewhere.  

 The council have recently reissued the application for placing any structures on an allotment.  This will be emailed out to all plot holder within the next few weeks.  No structure (Sheds, Greenhouses etc) can be placed on a plot without this application being completed and approved.

I would like to place on record my thanks to the Committee and Chair for all their hard work over the past year. 

A few points were raised and discussed:

  • Unattended and overgrown plots cause a significant nuisance to adjacent plot holders. It was noted that Clean or Quit orders had only recently been reintroduced and that currently approximately 15 were under consideration. These are to be progressed.
  • Clarification on the Council’s revised procedure for requesting a structure was requested. It was noted that the revised application form would be issued shortly.

Treasurer’s Report

Wendy circulated a financial report for the year explaining that not much significant expenditure had taken place except for the improvements to two site roads which had deteriorated badly.

Plot holders who purchase items from the shop via bank transfer must enter ”shop” in the bank reference.

No queries or questions were raised and the report was accepted.

Election/Appointment of Officers and Committee Members

Two plot holders expressed their interest in joining the committee which is very welcome.

There were no adjustments to the current set up and all officers and general committee members were proposed and seconded as follows:

Site representative Phillip Reardon

Chair Richard Masterman

Treasurer Wendy Gunter

General Sue Jones, Jenny Howells, Dan Phillips, Jon Townley and Alan Coombs

Any Other Business

Several issues were raised and discussed:

  • Recent storm/tree damage and condition of boundary walls is of concern for security and safety reasons. This is a Council issued. PPAA have no responsibility.
  • Council maintenance of large perimeter trees which overhang plots causing safety concerns. No report regarding the survey the Council stated would be commissioned has been received.
  • Council removal of the obviously dead off-site tree behind the poly tunnel and adjacent plots.
  • Fly tipping of off-site waste materials

These items were noted for follow up and further review at future committee meetings.

The provision of an annual or twice annual skip for plot holders to dispose of bulky waste like paving slabs, damaged glass from greenhouses/cold frames etc and rotten wooden pallets was discussed. It was generally agreed that this would be overall benefit despite the risk that it might allow off-site material to appear. It is regularly noted in Committee Meeting Minutes that such an activity would be a breach of plot holder agreement with the Council and could result in termination of the rental agreement.

Two water tanks have reported leaks. These will be remedied.

The blocked culvert under Road 3 by the old club house which regularly backs up and deposits silt on the road has been looked at by the Council who are undertaking some work. The last update from the Allotment Officer was that work would continue through April although detail of the proposed works and progress is not available.

Following the good work of Ian Douglas in repairing the storm damaged poly tunnel, Dan and Jenny are coordinating a reorganisation of the internal layout. Dan suggested that the plant sale could resume again this year but possibly on a reduced scale. Further details to be provided. 

The poor trimming of hedges carried out by an unknown contractor was noted. This had been done without prior notification when some direction could have been provided to reduce the impact on the habitat for nesting birds. It was suggested that a recent change of personnel at Parks Department might facilitate better communication in the future regarding hedge management.

A plot holder asked if assistance could be provided with some work to a fruit cage she could not manage. There are no formal arrangements and it was suggested that the good nature of fellow plot holders could be prevailed upon.

No further items to discuss and the meeting closed at 11:48



Minutes for PPAA Committee Meeting held on 05 April 2022 at 19:00 by Zoom

Present: Wendy Gunter (Treasurer), Richard Masterman (Chair), Jenny Howell, Dan Phillips,
Phil Reardon (Site Representative)
Apologies: Sue Jones, Martin Pasek

Previous Minutes:

–  Items from previous meeting to be addressed as agenda items
Chair Report

– Overflowing culvert: An email has been received from the Allotment Officer stating
that initial cctv and jetting should commence during April 2022.

Site Representative’s Report:

– Council supplied water butts have been received although in a disjointed fashion.
Matching stands are awaited. The Council state that these are to be retained on site
although the Committee have not taken any responsibility in this respect.

– The Community Gardens are continuing to be plagued by theft and unauthorised
access. All plot holders are urged to be vigilant with regard to securing entry gates at
all times. The committee noted that unfortunately the Association is unable to secure
the site boundaries.

– Phil noted that revised Council procedures now require all new structures on plots
must have prior written consent from Cardiff Parks Dept. This includes greenhouses,
sheds and the like. Pre-existing structures can remain.

Treasurer’s report

– To assist with audit procedures, Wendy again requested plot holders to indicate on
bank transfers their plot number and purpose for all payments. Eg: subs, shop

–  Wendy confirmed that audit information is being prepared.

Any Other Business

– Richard reported that batches of the seed potatoes have been sold but further stock
is still available. Plot holders to email their requirements to:

– Fly tipping remains a problem with rubble and other clearly non-site materials being
brought to site and left.
– Plot holders are requested to report to the Council any incident so inspection and
possible identification of source can be carried out for police or disciplinary action.

– It was noted that in previous years that minutes of committee meetings had been
made available directly to individual plot holders but complications with the set up of
MailChimp and the WordPress website brought it in to disuse. Phil has instigated
rationalisation and improvement so that the procedure can be more readily

– Dan reported good progress with tidying the poly tunnel and a skip would now be
useful for the removal of unwanted material. Richard to contact the Council to
arrange. 12 April was agreed as a clear out date. Also to look in to a second skip for 24
April 2022 at the top car park to facilitate a general site litter pick and tidy up. This
would provide plot holders with a one-off opportunity to remove storm damaged and
unwanted materials. Plot holders are reminded that bringing rubbish from off-site
would be a breach of their agreement with the Council.

– The date for the AGM was fixed as 11:00 Sunday 24 April 2022 to be held at/in the
poly tunnel. An agenda will be issued nearer the time. All plot holders are reminded
that volunteers for the committee are welcome and if anyone fancies a go at any
position or the general support roles, they should contact Phil Reardon.

– Next meeting

AGM 11:00 Sunday 24 April 2022 at the poly tunnel
Committee 19:00 Tuesday 07 June 2022

– Meeting closed at 20:10

Minutes for PPAA Committee meeting, held on 07/09/21, at 1900, by Zoom

Present: Philip Reardon (Site Representative) Richard Masterman (Chair), Sue Jones, Jenny Howell, Martin Pasek (Operational Support).

Apologies: Ian Douglas, Wendy Gunter (Treasurer)

Previous minutes and matters arising – Richard

Nothing to report.

Chairman’s report – Richard.

Nothing to report.

Site Representative’s Report – Philip

The updated and rationalised waiting list has finally arrived, so Philip can now address the letting of plots. However, owing to the delay vacant plots are now badly overgrown with weeds. Richard recommended brush cutting.

Philip reminded plot holders that according to their terms and conditions that if they bring pets onto site then they must be on leads.

He also reminded all, that if any plot holder claims that they have been subjected to any form of abuse or harassment on site, from any person – plot holder, member of the public, contractor etc. then they must report this directly to the Council Allotments Officer. 

If substantiated, then such behaviour by a plot holder may result in termination of tenancy, and in extreme cases in prosecution.  

Any Other Business.

AGM – Richard.

It was agreed that covid19 measures permitting this would be held as normal next spring.

Manure/wood chip deliveries.

The position re wood chip has deteriorated, with poor quality material – leaf mould, stumps etc. – being dumped in the car park when the pen is overflowing or inaccessible. It also blocks access to the useful, good quality material delivered by the Council’s operative who is also a plot holder.

Martin has contacted two known private contractors, and it appears that they had resumed tipping even though they were asked to cease some time ago, the Council having written to one and requested the key be returned – it never has been, however. They have been reminded that fly tipping is an offence and asked again to cease forthwith.

Allotments Officer has replied to Martin’s email and he has asked her to remind the main contractor of the position on behalf of the landowner. 

Plot holders are asked to be alert for contractors tipping tree waste, and if possible to note details if seen. We have a plot holder who works for the Council and who brings useful material i.e. actual chipped wood and bark, and no one else is presently authorised. In particular, plot holders are asked not to arrange with such traders on their own account for deliveries to anywhere on the site other than to their own plots, as anything else could make them complicit in fly-tipping.

Thanks to Ian – Richard

Ian Douglas said that owing to pressure of other commitments he would be standing down from the Committee. The Committee would like to express their sincere thanks for all his work, especially re the plant sales, poly tunnel, and shop. Ian hopes to resume as and when his life is less busy.

Change to security locks for gates – Philip

The possibility of changing the gate locks to security locks with non-copy keys was discussed as a means of preventing unauthorised site entry, tipping, theft etc. and proposed as an AGM agenda item.

There was no further business and the meeting ended at 1955.


The next PPAA meeting will be on Nov 2nd 2021 at 1900, provisionally also by Zoom, but TBC.

Minutes for PPAA Committee meeting, held on 25/05/21, at 1900, by Zoom


Present: Philip Reardon (Site Representative) Richard Masterman (Chair), Wendy Gunter (Treasurer), Sue Jones, Jenny Howell, Dan Phillips, Ian Douglas, Martin Pasek (Operational Support).


Apologies: n/a


Owing to a poor connection from the Chair’s remote location, this meeting was chaired by Site Representative, with Chair’s agenda.


Previous minutes and matters arising – Richard.


See under AOB.


Chairman’s report – Richard.


Shop publicity – Richard. Philip said that he would do an email shot to the mailing list with the proposals. AP Philip.


Site Representative’s Report – Philip


Philip has managed to let two more plots, but he thinks that one may need to be retracted owing to inactivity.


The Council have reverted to not responding to emails. Philip is persisting, particularly re the water leak and the recently fallen tree, which has caused quite serious damage and is also a safety concern.


Philip has received enquiries as to the hire of power tools from PPAA. As minuted on several previous occasions, PPAA cannot provide this service because without the volunteers to manage the service, relevant H&S training, and PPE, the necessary insurance cannot be obtained.


If any plot holder wished to take on this operation, and to join the Committee, then they would be very welcome.


Treasurer’s report – Wendy.


Wendy said that this year’s grant has been received, and noted the speed of response to her enquiry.


Any Other Business.


Poly tunnel. Ian reported that the new cover was on, and that all that remained was for the door arrangements to be completed and for the last of the trench refilling to be done. The Committee commended Ian and his helpers for their speedy and effective work during the scant spells of good weather.


Pallets – Ian. Ian remarked that there are some unwanted pallets between the shop and the steel container. The Committee agreed that if they were of use to any plot holder, then they would be welcome to take them. Their condition has not been examined, however.


Fruit trees on untenantable shaded plots – Jenny.


These trees were planted by the Committee some years ago, on land for which tenants could not be found owing to the dense shade of the sycamores on Llandaf fields.


Jenny reported that she has the matter of weeding, pruning etc. in hand. AP. Jenny.


Ian said that he was pleased to note that plot holders had been enjoying the fruit over the years.


Sue said that she considered that it was important that these trees were kept down to the required size to ensure that they themselves did not cause any shading problems to adjoining plot holders.


Manure and wood chip deliveries – Philip.


Philip said that the position as to whether manure deliveries require payment, and if so how much, remains unclear. He continues his efforts to resolve this. AP Philip.


The Council is at present prioritising demand from schools for wood chip, but there have been some deliveries nonetheless.


Clearance of waste on abandoned plots etc. – Philip. Philip is to get quotes for contractors to remove this, as it is beyond the scope of either new plot holders or PPAA volunteer effort to do this work. AP Philip.


There was no further business and the meeting ended at 1943.


The next PPAA meeting will be on a date TBA at 1900, whether by Zoom also remains TBA.


Minutes for PPAA Committee meeting, held on 27/04/21, at 1900, by


Present: Philip Reardon (Site Representative) Richard Masterman (Chair),
Wendy Gunter (Treasurer), Sue Jones, Martin Pasek (Operational Support).
Apologies: Ian Douglas, Dan Phillips, Jenny Howell.

Previous minutes and matters arising – Richard.
Plant sale – Richard.
Richard said that Ian regretted, that owing to the poly tunnel’s being out of
commission and other problems, the plant sale will not likely happen in its
usual form on 29th May. However, Committee members said that their surplus
plants could be offered, and suggested that other plot holders might contribute
too, on a “bring-and-buy sale” basis.

Chairman’s report – Richard.
Track upgrades.
The work is now complete and the final pile of spoil will shortly be removed by
the contractors.
New stock has recently been delivered and will be advertised on Facebook and
by the email distribution.
Disposal of power tools.
Richard has sold some of these.
Poly tunnel.
It is hoped that the re-covering can happen as soon as conditions and
volunteer effort are in place. A digger is coming this week to excavate the
trenches, however.
Brick cubicles improvements, asbestos removal.
A definitive list of those paying the Council for cubicles has now been provided.
PPAA are awaiting instruction to empty any occupied without authorisation.

Site Representative’s Report – Philip
Philip said that the Council have suspended the letting of plots pending the
rationalisation of the waiting list. Applicants will be contacted, and those who
do not reply removed from the list. It is expected that this will greatly reduce
wasted time on the part of volunteers.
Applicants – and plot holders – are reminded that it is very much in their
interests to keep their contact details up to date with the Council.
He has issued nine Clean or Quit notices, and there remain three occupied
plots, but where the former tenants contest the position with the Council – the
matter being between the latter two parties.
Inspections to identify neglected plots are ongoing, as ever.
Philip would be a participant in the next Site Reps meeting, where he would
raise the matter of the Council’s poor record on responding to emails etc.
However, he was pleased to report that the water leak on the spine road has
been taken up, and an Emergency Instruction for repairs has been issued by
the Council.
Treasurer’s report – Wendy.
Wendy said that she has received some anonymous cash payments –
apparently for PPAA subscriptions.
Please identify your plot number when making any payment, so that the fact
and your resulting entitlements can be correctly attributed to you! Payment is
much preferred by BACS which makes it easier to avoid any such problem.

Any Other Business.
Manure and wood chip deliveries – Philip.
Philip said that the Riding School appear to have abruptly changed the way and
the amount that they expect to be payed for this, and that until this is resolved
there may be interruptions to deliveries. AP Philip.
There is less wood chip than usual, as the Council are minimising movements
re covid 19 action, and it is now nesting season anyway.
There was no further business and the meeting ended at 1957.
The next PPAA meeting will be on 25/05/21 at 1900, again by Zoom.

Pontcanna Permanent Allotment Association

Minutes for PPAA Committee meeting, held on 23/03/21, at 1900, by


Present: Richard Masterman (Chair), Wendy Gunter (Treasurer), Sue Jones,
Ian Douglas, Dan Phillips, Martin Pasek (Operational Support).

Previous minutes and matters arising – Richard.
Asbestos removal and cubicle improvements – There is no further physical
progress, but a Committee member has by chance spoken with the single
tenant who is registered as leasing an affected cubicle, and that tenant has
agreed in principle to move if necessary to facilitate works.
Tracks – Approval from the Council for the next stages of the work is still
awaited. An email stating the urgency of the position has been sent by PPAA to
the Council.

Chairman’s report – Richard.
Shop – Richard has clarified further a proposed stock list.
Disposal of power tools – Richard reports that there has been interest in
buying these among plot holders. The Committee agreed that any which would
sell should simply be sold to those interested, and any left-overs advertised.
Poly tunnel – Ian said that the new cover should arrive by the weekend, and
proposed a working party for the following weekend. He suggested May 29th
as a provisional date for a hoped-for plant sale. AP Ian

Treasurer’s report – Wendy.
Wendy said that she would email Site Representative for the information that
she normally receives. She was pleased to note that most PPAA members are
now paying their subs by BACS.

Any Other Business.
Poly tunnel beds – Richard hoped that following restoration the beds could be
allocated soon.
Interested plot holders are encouraged to watch the notice boards, web site
etc. for news and to put forward their names for the draw.

Water turn on – Sue kindly offered to turn on the water this week and to
photograph the meter reading for Site Representative.
Gates – There are no major problems at the moment, but Richard continues to
look at means of getting the eyebolt hinges replaced on the SE gate.
Informally shared plots, helpers etc. – The Committee agreed that this
information should be publicised:
Sometimes a named plot holder has friends helping out on the plot, in the
apparent hope that they will eventually take over the plot at some point in the
future. Please note that the council have strict rules re this procedure. So to
avoid future disappointment, please be aware that this can only happen if:
1. The friends become joint plot holders immediately by adding their names to
the site waiting list, stating the plot to which they are going to have joint
tenancy. Once their names are on the list, the Site Secretary can begin the
joint tenancy process.
2. The friends add their names to the waiting list and state they wish to take
on tenancy of the plot when it becomes vacant.
Also, such people working on plots are not, without more, covered by site

There was no further business and the meeting ended at 1948.
The next PPAA meeting will be on 27/04/21 at 1900, again by Zoom.

Annotated Minutes for PPAA Committee meeting, held on 20/09/20, at 1000, PPAA Allotments Site


Present: Philip Reardon (Site Representative – “Site Secretary”), Richard Masterman (Chair), Wendy Gunter (Treasurer), Sue Jones, Ian Douglas, Jamila Mohammed, Jenny Howell, Martin Pasek (Operational Support) Apologies: None received. General attendees: None.

Chairman’s report – Richard.

Richard welcomed the new office holders on the Committee to the meeting, thanked the previous ones for their work, and thanked Wendy for continuing as treasurer.

Site Secretaries’ report – outgoing Sue, incoming Philip.

Sue reported that due to the ongoing Council’s covid19 restrictions there had been no plots let, and no clean or quit orders issued, since the last meeting.

Philip confirmed that covid19 restrictions were still in effect. However the Allotments Officer had recently stated that plans were in place to reopen lists etc. in the near future, although the exact date had still to be announced.

Treasurer’s report – Wendy.

Wendy reported that the Grant for this year has been received and also increased, owing to a greater number of plots on site and more under sixty plot holders.

She said that BACS payments are working well, but that it is essential that the payers identify in the “comment” their plot numbers when paying, and whether the payment is for PPAA subscriptions, for the shop, or for both, e.g. “plot number subs”, “plot number shop”, or “plot number both.”

Wood chip and manure deliveries – Richard.

Wendy reported that there had been a delivery of good quality wood chip, which was rapidly used however.

Philip said that the Council had not announced any date to restart deliveries of manure.

Plot holders are reminded that they are welcome to cart or to barrow manure from the Riding School themselves during this period.

Hedge maintenance – Richard.

Site Representative, Philip, said that he had contacted the Council’s Allotments Officer, to try to arrange for hedge cutting to take place, and that she would reply within a week as to progress.  AP Philip.

Poly tunnel repairs – Richard.

Ian said that he had quotes of around £250 for a new polythene cover, and that the current users of the beds in the tunnel were happy to get together for a day to replace the existing damaged one with it.

Trackway repairs – Richard.

It was agreed as before (minutes, passim) that the mud on the track running from the old club house round to the Community Gardens should be removed, and that the hardcore recently deposited on tracks at the other end of site should be covered with a more acceptable material. AP Richard.

Shop – Richard.

The successful on line operation will continue. Richard said that a clearer picture of popular items was emerging, and what to re-order. There is as yet no plan for a regular opening of the physical premises, although occasional sales may take place, and if so then these will be publicised on the website and Facebook page.

Use/hire of power tools – Richard.

Several mentioned that there have been enquiries from plot holders on this. As there is no insurance cover nor volunteer time to manage such an operation, it is not possible for PPAA to offer this facility.

Water trough maintenance – Richard.

Martin mentioned that he had replaced leaking washers on ballcocks, and other parts, as the need arose. Sue said that she and some plot holders had cleared sediment from the troughs, although they would need to be done again before long. Philip will turn off the water at the end of October. AP Philip.

Plot holders are asked to report water leaks or any such problems to the Committee.

Any Other Business

Website – Philip.

Philip has offered to be webmaster, and to address the recent lack of maintenance. AP Philip.

Fly-tipping prevention – Richard.

Sue reminded the meeting that areas which were cleared recently – at cash cost to PPAA – such as abandoned cubicles, the old clubhouse etc. are rapidly filling with fly-tipped rubbish once more. Philip proposed that using contractors who deal in boarding-up to seal these would be a worthwhile investment to save long-term on waste removal contractors. This would take place in the context of some of the cubicles being renovated for hire.

Plot holders are reminded that they must remove any rubbish that they may have from site themselves, to compost plant waste on their own plots, or to remove that likewise, and that fly-tipping anywhere on Council property is a serious offence which would also likely lose them their tenancy.

Paths between plots – Jenny.

Jenny asked that plot holders respect and maintain the access paths, as they are required by their tenancy terms to do. In particular, she urged the reinstatement of paths where they have either been cultivated – i.e. disappeared – or become impassable.

Ivy growth on boundary wall – Ian.

Ian raised the matter of the ivy damaging the wall. It was agreed that its removal would be beneficial if possible. AP Ian.

Renovation of cubicles – Philip.

Wendy reminded the meeting of the history of this proposal, and of the likely costs and problems. It was re-iterated that the recurring sticking point was the removal of the asbestos roofs, and that it had previously been resolved to settle this as a separate matter first, in order to clear the ways. (Minutes passim). AP TBA.

There was no further business and the meeting ended at 1110.

The next PPAA meeting will be [at a time and place to be arranged.]

Minutes for PPAA AGM, held on 06/09/2020, at 1100, Pontcanna Allotments Site



Committee: Sue Jones (Site Representative – “Site Secretary”), Jenny Howell (Chair), Wendy Gunter (Treasurer), Ian Douglas, Martin Pasek (Operational Support).

 Plot holders: Richard Waters, (plot 103), Alan Coombs (plot 48a), Roger Benson (plot 127b), James Matthews (plot 24b), Mrs. J. Mohammed (plot 76a tbc), Philip Reardon (tbc).

Apologies: Richard Masterman, Jane Williams.


Chair’s Welcome and Introduction – Jenny

Jenny welcomed all to the AGM, and gave a summary of the meeting’s business. She emphasised the good fortune of plot holders in having access to their gardens during the covid19 restrictions, and thanked the Committee for their work since the last AGM.

Jenny announced that she would be stepping down as chair, but remaining on the Committee, subject to approval at the meeting.


Site Secretary’s Speech – Sue

Sue explained that since the start of the covid19 restrictions, the Council have placed a moratorium on all letting of plots, and also on the issuing of Clean Or Quit notices. This means that where plots have become overgrown due to the holder’s sheltering and non-attendance, there is understandably no action to be taken. She has not been sent any waiting lists or vacant plots lists, and so cannot report on them.

Sue announced that she would be stepping down as Site Representative (“Site Secretary”) but remaining on the Committee, and thanked Philip Reardon for offering to assume that position.

Sue thanked Jenny for her work as Chair.


PPAA Accounts – Treasurer’s Report – Wendy

Wendy brought printed copies for the attendees. She confirmed that Dave King, plot holder, had audited the accounts, and that he was content.

Wendy said that the Grant has been approved and is on its way, but remarked that dealing with the Council is awkward owing to covid19 measures at the moment.

She said that the shop operation – based on online pre-payment and collect/delivery – is working well, but asked that people please identify for what their payments are, i.e. Shop, or for Subs, or for both, or for whatever, along with their plot number – space permitting.

Richard Masterman sent an email detailing the shop’s business. Good progress has been made clearing old stock. Total sales for 2019/2020 were £709.70p, and £544.80p has been invested in new stock.


Election/Appointment of Officers – Jenny

Officers were proposed by Ian Douglas and seconded by Roger Benson. There were only single candidates for each position.

Philip Reardon was appointed unopposed as the new Site Representative (“Site Secretary”)

Wendy Gunter was re-appointed unopposed as Treasurer.

Richard Masterman was appointed unopposed as the new Chair


Election/Appointment of Committee – Jenny

Jenny invited anyone present who was interested to join the Committee. Mrs. Jamila Mohammed kindly volunteered.

James Matthews proposed all existing Committee members who wished to continue to do so, and for Mrs. Mohammed also to be placed on the Committee. Ian Douglas seconded and all were appointed or re-appointed unopposed.


James Matthews queried when the Council would restart manure deliveries. At this stage the Committee have no information, but as per the notices placed on the gates by the Riding School, plot holders are welcome to take their barrows there and to help themselves for the time being.

There was no further business, and the meeting ended at 1122.


Meeting Tuesday 9th March 2020

1. Present: Ian Douglas, Wendy Gunter (Treasurer), Jenny Howell (Chair), Richard Masterman, Daniel Phillips, 

Apologies Sue Jones, Martin Pasek, Alex Brown 

2. Site Secretary’s Report

Wendy read out Sue’s report. We have 9 new plotholders and 4 plots still to fill. The waiting list is around 80 and the waiting time around 18 months.

One of the available plots, 26b, has a lot of rubbish on it which needs removing before it can be let. Richard has agreed to have a look at removal along with the remedial works to the road (see below). It is possible it may need to be removed by volunteers. AP: RM

There is a lot of rubbish building up in the sheds. It has been agreed that a temporary solution is to board up the sheds. Wendy will look into this. Once we have a date for the work to be done, we will arrange for a skip to be delivered so that we can clear the rubbish first. AP: WG

It was agreed that plotholders should be reminded of their responsibility to keep their plots clean and remove their own rubbish. Jenny to put a note on the website to this effect.     AP: JH

3. The bottom road

Richard gave us an update on the situation with the road nearest the shop. The contractor has deposited hardcore which he claimed was perfectly acceptable for this kind of work. In fact, the road has some glass and other items which are not appropriate as a top surface. It was agreed that with a suitable top surface, it would be fine to leave the existing material in place. Dan offered to seek the advice of a friend of his who is a civil engineer on the best way forward. Richard is happy to continue to manage the work going forward. It was agreed that at the same time, a price should be sought to improve the road across the top of Llandaff Fields, and along the boundary fence with WJEC. This work may need to be phased. AP: DP and RM

4. AGM and Plant Fair

The date of the plant fair has been set for Saturday 16th May. We decided to have the AGM on Sunday 17th May at 11am so that we can continue to sell unsold plants at the same time.

5. Shop

Richard and Ian have very kindly offered to open the shop on the first Sunday of each month, starting on 3rd May and finishing in September. AP: ID and RM

6. Committee Members

Dan commented on the lack of committee members, and felt that more people might be happy to contribute if they felt their commitment was not too great and open ended. An example was taking the monthly minutes, or showing people around their plot for the first time. He has offered to write something that we can use on Facebook, the website and before the AGM that might encourage new people to step forward. AP: DP

7. Polytunnel Damage

Ian said that the high winds had caused irreparable damage to the plastic covering on the polytunnel. He was happy to do some running emergency repairs to get us through to the plant sale. However he felt that a new cover should be bought and fixed during the summer months. It would cost around £300 – £400. It was agreed this could go ahead. AP: ID

8. Date of Next Meeting

Tuesday 7th April, 7pm, Butchers Arms

Annotated Minutes for PPAA Committee meeting, held on 07/01/20, at 1910, Butcher’s Arms, Canton

Present: Sue Jones (Site Secretary), Jenny Howell (Chair), Wendy Gunter (Treasurer), Martin Pasek (Operational Support) Apologies: Richard Masterman, Dan Phillips, Alex Brown, Ian Douglas. General attendees: None.

Raised Agenda Items – Jenny.

It was immediately apparent that PPAA are very short of volunteer effort on the Committee to carry out and to manage new projects of any kind. There have been several meetings of late with just a few present.

As a result its activities will unavoidably be restricted to the absolute necessities of plot-letting and related matters at least in the short term. In particular those present expressed regret that so far it has not been possible to update the website.

Sue expressed her wish to stand down as Site Secretary at the next AGM, which means that the requirement for new officers is acutely urgent.

The Committee believe that all plot holders, who value the continuation of the site as allotments should consider very seriously what they might do to help.

Local authorities are ever more short of funds, and cannot afford to maintain sites directly to anything like the standards hitherto achieved by volunteers at PPAA. 

This is against a background of ever increasing pressure for urban development land, and the loss of countless allotment sites to such schemes across the country in recent times. If sites fall into neglect, then that greatly strengthens the case of those interested in changing their use for building or for other purposes. Sites do enjoy some protection in law, but where the council favours a change of use, there are procedures to overreach those protections. 

Site Secretary’s Report – Sue.

Sue said that there are three new plot holders, and four empty plots, two of which will have to be cleared of junk etc. at PPAA’s expense.

The Committee warmly welcome the new tenants.

Email from Richard re clearance by poly tunnel etc. Richard says:

I have spoken with the ground contractor and he is checking the availability to hire the riddle bucket required clear more roots. He will be getting back to me shortly with a date when he can return to site. 

I have also raised a concern with him over the material used for the track and suggested that he should remove a shallow layer and replace with a surface of crushed stone/gravel. Discussions are proceeding.

I don’t expect all this to take more than one/two days and hopefully it will get sorted in the next couple of weeks. Ian has volunteered to assist in my absence.

Any Other Business

Owls – Sue. Sue has had a report of what appeared to be owl pellets near some of the recently-installed owl boxes.

Woodchip piles – Martin. Martin said that it seems that a private contractor is gaining entry to the site, and dumping poor quality material in the pens. The Council were asked to cease this, to enable the backlog to be used.

Plot holders are asked to look out for, and to make a note of the identity of any contractor who appears to be dumping trade waste anywhere on the site. We have asked one to stop doing this, but there may be others. None are authorised to do this at present.

There was no further business and the meeting ended at 2000. It was proposed to make meetings bi-monthly for the time being.

The next PPAA meeting will be on Tuesday, 3rd March 2020, at the Butcher’s Arms, Canton, at 1900.

2019 AGM Minutes

Please find below a copy of the minutes for the last AGM.