Storm damage

Although there were not sustained gales during the recent thunderstorms, there were nonetheless significant violently gusty winds.

Unfortunately these appear to have struck the PPA site in places, and plot holders – especially those who consider that they have now left their sites covered for the winter – are advised to check that any covers etc. that they might have left are still in place. We did see quite a few which have come adrift.

PPA Website Team

Feedback sought on manure quality

We did have quite a close look at the recent delivery and found no significant trace of shredded tyre rubber, as was once a recognised complaint, causing some plot holders to avoid using such manure.

Western Avenue car park

We understand that an environmentally-concerned party made strong representations to the Council on this matter, but whether that has influenced policy at the Riding School we are unable to confirm.

However, we were only able to examine a relatively small part ot the total, so now that it has nearly all been used, we would appreciate feedback from gardeners using the manure on this point.

Did anyone find any contaminants such as tyre rubber, and if so, then how much?

Thanks all.

PPA Website Team

Dogs on PPA Site

A concerned plot holder has contacted PPAA Committee, about certain dogs apparently being allowed to roam freely whilst on the allotment site. In this case the dog was trampling over another plot’s crops. Clearly, this is not acceptable. Also, apart from any visible damage, it’s probably fair to say that all of us plot holders want to be sure that no dog has fouled or marked our produce in any way while we have not been there.

So, while dogs are allowed on to the allotments, their owners are reminded that it is a requirement of our tenancy to keep all of our dogs on a lead – or tethered – at all times whilst within the site boundaries. (Tenancy Agreement, Provision 18 in the Schedule).

Kind thanks everyone.

PPA Website Team

There has been a delivery of manure…yes, really

While enjoying a walk in the rain this morning, the Website Team noticed Council workers busily shifting manure from the Riding School to PPA site, the way that one does.

Given that it is an absolute requirement for the School to be rid of its encumbrance, and that it can also be disposed of for no cost right next door, this would seem to be the only possible logical action by the Council, so we are pleased to note that this would appear to have occurred to someone in a position to act, and we express our gratitude to them.

The delivery is substantial, and we trust that drivers will forgive the temporary loss of car parking space in the Western Avenue car park. However, in view of this, could everyone please use that which is taking up parking space first – thanks.

We have no further information as to whether this will be a regular occurrence as previously, however.

PPA Website Team