Dangerous dead tree

The very large dead sycamore just outside the southeastern boundary of PPA has been reported to the Council previously, as self-evidently it was only a matter of time before either the whole tree fell over, or parts of it fell off, as it inevitably and quite quickly rots.

The Council – as we understand it – said that the tree was safe and of benefit to wildlife, and so proposed no action.

A few days ago however, quite a large bough broke off. It smashed a glass frame leaning against the security fencing on a nearby plot, and startled those working on another a few metres away. Fortunately no one was hurt, but as this happened in relatively calm weather, it shows the unpredictability of this sort of event.

A member of PPAA Committee has again emailed the Council and sent the pictures below. We await their response, but everyone can now at least be aware that the Council have been messaged over this hazard again.

Personally, if I were the Officer responsible then I would very much not want to be a hostage to fortune under these circumstances.

The whole tree
The rotted-through point from which the branch broke
Seen from inside PPA. We assume that some parts were put back over the fence.

PPA Website Team

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