Surplus ex-Council compost available; wind alert.

The compost is under the blue sheet

There is a pile of surplus compost outside the polytunnel which is now available to plot holders who have paid their PPAA subscription for 2023.

Please be moderate in what you take so that more plot holders have access.

Best wishes,

Dan Phillips,

Polytunnel Co-ordinator.

Likely windy weather

The Met Office have issued a yellow warning for windy weather, from Thursday night through Friday 31st March including our locality.

Plot holders are asked to check that structures are secure, and that there are not materials or items on their plots which might blow about the site to become litter or a nuisance to others – as has happened a few times of late.

Thanks all.

Site volunteers.

2 thoughts on “Surplus ex-Council compost available; wind alert.”

  1. Can anyone tell me how to contact council about having soil improver delivered to a community garden. Thanks Roger


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