Good News…

…For Manure Lovers

Your reliably hawk-eyed website reporters spotted this morning that there was an ongoing delivery of manure to site, so it would appear that the last delivery was not – as had been thought possibly the case – a one off.

…But Not For Fly Tippers

Some plot holders have been adding materials to the hedge by the spine road. In some cases this has been done responsibly, with lopped branches having been woven into it to increase security at weak points, supplementing the hard work being done by volunteers in this respect.

However, someone has also been adding constructional scrap timber, which is unsightly and, if anything, makes the hedge easier to climb.

PPAA are sorry if this was well-intentioned, but could the person(s) responsible kindly please stop doing this? It really is no more than fly tipping, and if it continues then the appropriate action will have to be taken.

Volunteers have removed it, and it is now by the poly tunnel. It is in fair condition and we hope that someone might be able to use it.

2 thoughts on “Good News…”

  1. It’s a shame that the hedge has been cut so low and the trees in it have been cut down. It was protecting the site and a haven for many birds.

    [Edit: this post is somewhat off-topic (manure and fly-tipping) and unfortunately contains factual inaccuracies. The main lengths of the hedge haven’t recently been trimmed, and have grown typically half a metre since they last were. They will be cut fairly soon though, before the nesting season begins. The intention is to create a dense hedgerow of the kind favoured by songbirds]


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