Culvert Cover Blown – Again

Unfortunately for the site, the old mill stream from Llandaf runs under the PPA site road by the old clubhouse and then finally emerges by the Mill House – the private property behind the Riding School. The manhole ‘blows’ when the pressure of water gets too much e.g. with the current continuous heavy rainfall, and especially if there’s any obstruction further downstream. 

The Council have been made aware of the issue more times than I can count, and it’s – apparently – a work in progress, hindered by the fact that the cost of any remedial works spans the responsibilities of several different Council departments

The PPAA Committee would obviously advise caution in approaching this area at the moment. However at least the manhole cover isn’t in the culvert, so either it didn’t fall in, or, if it did, then someone has retrieved it. If so, then PPAA Committee express their sincere gratitude once again.

Sue Jones, PPAA Committee

While We Are Here

As an update on general website matters, we’d remind WordPress subscribers that although they’re notified of new items on the notice board and blog page, they’re not informed of updates to other website pages, of new ones published, and so on. There’s no direct connection between MailChimp and this website, though shared formal publications are arranged in consultation with PPAA Committee as appropriate.

In the interests of keeping the menu as navigable as possible – particularly for ‘phone users – some inactive pages which attract few views have been unpublished, and future items under those headings will be returned to this, the Notice Board and Blog page. If visitors considered that there were a continuing need for any of them, then they could easily be re-published, however.

Such work’s a continuing process, and so all are encouraged to browse the whole site from time-to-time.

PPA Website Team

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