Feedback sought on manure quality

We did have quite a close look at the recent delivery and found no significant trace of shredded tyre rubber, as was once a recognised complaint, causing some plot holders to avoid using such manure.

Western Avenue car park

We understand that an environmentally-concerned party made strong representations to the Council on this matter, but whether that’s influenced policy at the Riding School we’re unable to confirm.

However, we were only able to examine a relatively small part ot the total, so now that it has nearly all been used, we’d appreciate feedback from gardeners using the manure on this point.

Did anyone find any contaminants such as tyre rubber, and if so, then how much?

Thanks all.

PPA Website Team

8 thoughts on “Feedback sought on manure quality”

  1. What a relief to get more manure! No problems with this delivery (we have had some issues with rubber and plastic waste pre-covid). Looking forward to a further delivery – would be great if some could be dropped at the top near CBAC – either corner!

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    1. Thank you Richard.

      The position re these deliveries by the Council is opaque. The last information that PPAA had from the Riding School was that they had ceased, and they were investigating other means for disposal of the manure. However, then this delivery happened, and the guys doing it reportedly said that they were unaware that anything had changed,

      Whatever, there appears to be no point of contact, and the Riding School are apparently as much out of the loop as PPAA are as to what the Council’s policy might be.

      If anyone wants deliveries to a particular part of site then their only hope seems to be to catch the guys on the day and to ask them kindly for that favour, but bear in mind that they use a large tractor and trailer.


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