Western Avenue Gate Update

PPAA Committee had a report yesterday – 06 10 22 – that a lady was trapped in the site with her car, unable to open the Western Avenue gate, but learned later that she had happily managed to get out.

On inspection that evening there appeared to be no problem with the lock this time, but it seemed that the gate had a tendency to stick, requiring a firm nudge or yank to open it. This meant that it could be left wedged shut, but unlocked, in turn causing confusion when people wanting to unlock the gate could not turn their keys. Unfortunately, it also appears that someone has been doing this very thing at times. Could we all please always lock the gate immediately we have closed it behind us – thanks everyone.

On further inspection this morning, it was apparent that the hinge eye bolts needed adjustment. This has been done and the gate no longer sticks, and all seems fine again at the moment.

Site volunteers.

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