Skip – further news

The skip delivered today – Monday – is now almost full. PPAA Committee have arranged for it to be removed, and for an empty skip to replace it on Wednesday – this is the soonest that the skip company could return.

In the meantime, can everyone please bear with the Committee, and not overfill, or leave rubbish around the skip.

Please can we also remember that no compostable material is to be put in the skip, but that any metal may be added to the pile already established nearby, for its separate, recycling disposal.

Many thanks,
PPAA Committee

Er, update below…

“Well, that went as well as could be expected, Gromit…”

2 thoughts on “Skip – further news”

  1. The skip driver won’t take that as it stands. Never mind the committee volunteers will sort it out when the second skip turns up on Wednesday. Please…no more until then.


    1. So it’s Cassandras 1 – Pollyannas 0 again then Richard?

      So how do we put this genie back in the bottle?

      Ask Mr. Micawber, I suppose 😂


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