A general waste skip has been arranged for the Western Avenue car park from Monday 01 August 2022.

This is to let plot holders dispose of bulky waste from their plots – e.g. any carpet left by previous plot holders, old fencing, hard plastics, and wood.

It is not to be used for any compostable material e.g. weeds, roots, grass.

Any metal should be put at side of skip and will be disposed of separately.

We would thank you to note that this is not for bringing unwanted materials from off-site.

It would be appreciated if people could do a quick litter pick from around their plot, and if there should be any awkward rubbish, then please let the committee know via the PPAA message page so that arrangements can be made to get it to the skip.

The skip is being provided out of PPAA funds and not by the Council, therefore it is a finite resource,  and does not cancel the general condition of tenancy for plot holders to dispose of their rubbish off site themselves. 

Thanks for your cooperation and assistance.

Richard Masterman, 

Chair, PPAA Committee

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