Fly Tipping

PPAA Committee are saddened to have to report that there’s been yet another such incident in the verges at the Western Avenue end car park. Someone – presumably a plot holder – has left a quantity of old timber items there, and there’s also a bag of what appears to be household waste.

Unfortunately, this can only be regarded as fly tipping. The Council doesn’t collect rubbish from site, and therefore any such wrongdoing results in expense and inconvenience  to all of us plot holders in removing the rubbish. Money spent on clearing up fly tipping is money lost to communal benefits elsewhere on site.

If anyone has any rubbish for disposal, then it should be left on their plot and arrangements made by them to dispose of it off site. Sometimes a post on the website or on Facebook can find someone interested in old wood – e.g. for their wood burner – or they may find someone making a trip to the Council tip willing to take a few items for them too.

It must also be pointed out that fly tipping is a breach of tenancy under the rules, and may possibly result in a heavy fine too.

Kind thanks all, PPAA Committee

3 thoughts on “Fly Tipping”

  1. Hi Jane, for all such matters would plot holders please use the message form and not comments here.

    PPAA have two separate mailing lists. Replying on the WordPress one puts a comment on this blog, whereas the MailChimp one sends an email to the Committee. It seems possible that this position could lead to people posting here inadvertently!

    For the website’s policy on the scope of comments and the proper channel of communication for matters unrelated to the post please read about this website.

    Thanks all.

    PPA Website Team.


  2. Looks like the same clown has been at it again. There’s another a load of identical old timber, which has been dumped in the Western Avenue car park.

    That said, dried out it would make perfectly good firewood, and so with fuel prices as they are perhaps someone with a wood burner might take it, but we’ll see.

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