Attention All Cyclists!

The hedge on the eastern boundary has been cut. We’ve cleared the clippings from the road, but be alert for the odd hawthorn twig that we might have missed or later falls into it – these can easily give you a puncture.

The most problematic parts of the hedge – the sycamore, hazel etc. have been lightly cut. This is most of it. A quiet, battery-operated cutter was used, and no nesting birds were disturbed. They don’t favour sycamore anyway because of its sparse, mainly vertical stems.

The beech section has not been cut, except just by the NE gate, where it was making access to the gate and vehicle turning awkward. This was not as badly overgrown as the rest, and is favoured by nesting birds. There’s also a bumper crop of blackberries ripening just above it!

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